What Kind of Racket are Rampart MMW and Omni Home Solutions Playing Around With?

A reader sent me in the following alleged email they wanted me to see from Omni Home Solutions. It creates a mystery that I spent a few moments looking at and on the surface it is a bit perplexing and dare I say it looks like an approach to try to protect people’s home from foreclosure by lumping it in with a bankruptcy filing.

The Omni Home Solutions Email

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 6:24 PM
Subject: Rampart BK11 Filing

Dear Homeowners,

Omni Home Solutions has great news to share with each of you. As of this Wednesday the BK 11 will be re-filed. Your property (ies) will be included in this filing. There are a few of you that have not as of this date made your monthly payments. The final review of the filing will take place Tuesday (06/19) and early Wednesday (06/20) just prior to filing. If you have not kept up with your monthly payments according to your Membership Contract it may and will affect the attorneys including you in this proceeding. Please forward all payments due to the following if you fall into this catagory. As for all of you that have remained faithful in supplying necessary docs and kept your contract current a sincere thank you. OMNI has remained faithful to each of you and is moving this forward into litigation. Please understand that there are no guarantees as to the outcome of this proceeding. It will take smart, hard and faithful work to force the court to move on Ramparts behalf. Keep this in prayer, all of you please. We are here to fight the good fight with honor.

Here are the mailing instructions for those late and future monthly payments.


Make your payments out to:


Mail your payments to:

4366 Conner Court
San Diego, CA 92117

Note: Please keep in mind that your monthly membership payment is due no later than the 5th of each and every month. Make sure you take into consideration mailing time.
Again, a sincere thank you to all…….

What I Found

Omni Home Solutions says that checks for Rampart MMW should be mailed to them in California at this address.

Just one thing, Omni Home Solutions is not registered to do business in California even though they make claims to be located in the San Diego area. At least some guy named Pastor Rick claims to be. – Source

The only Omni Home Solutions I was able to locate is actually in Marion, Ohio and was formed by Roger Delawder in 2006. – Source

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Rampart MMW, Inc

Rampart MMW, Inc. is actually a Texas corporation that registered in California on March 8, 2012 and they list their address as 4366 Conner Street, San Diego, CA 92117 and the registered agent is Richard Moran. Could this be Pastor Rick?

Actually I found the answer already. Pastor Rick Moran is listed as the CEO of Team One Foreclosure Remedy in the greater San Diego area. – Source

Rampart MMW, Inc was incorporated in Texas on March 7, 2001 and the registered agent is Larry Day. The corporate address is 9112 Camp Bowie West $405, Fort Worth, TX 76116. According to State of Texas corporate records the company is comprised of:

Director: David Cornwell
Treasurer: David Cornwell
Vice President: Jeff Kearns
President: Larry Day
Director Larry Day

The Camp Bowie West address was also used by people in another approach with a company called Your Remedy Is In The Law. – Source

In a previous court document, Rampart MMW, Inc. was listed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Masada Foundation SA Panama City, LLC. – Source

The last chapter 11 bankruptcy case filed by Rampart MMW, Inc. in California was on March 13, 2012. The case was dismissed on June 6, 2012 for failure to file information. A previous chapter 11 bankruptcy filing filed in Texas on December 30, 2011 was dismissed as well for failing to file information. That case was dismissed on February 14, 2012.

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In the last bankruptcy filing the company claimed to have assets of $4,970,459 and liabilities of $12,996,529. In that bankruptcy filing the company listed they had an interested in a number of single family homes, 34 to be exact. In fact one of the properties they included in their bankruptcy was the same 4366 Conner Court, San Diego, CA 92117 that they listed was worth $132,500 but had a secured claim against the property of $816,266. – Source

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The bankruptcy filing actually provides some additional information about that address. It says JPMorgan Chase holds a first mortgage on the property and Rampart MMW holds a second mortgage of $574,000. The bankruptcy filing was signed by Larry Day as managing member.

The company said they had $2,100 in cash and $3,675 in the bank and they claimed they owed Chase $20,000 and US Bank $26,000. The company listed 2009 income as $402,328 and 2010 income as $79,985.

The later bankruptcy case was dismissed for the same missing documents from the first case. The cash flow statement, balance sheet, and statement of operations was not filed on the first case. – Source

Omni Home Solutions and Rampart MMW claim to want to “fight the good fight with honor” but it might just be me but this appears to be nothing than a foreclosure dodge and a way to charge consumers for some undisclosed monthly membership fee. I suppose the fee is some pitch to belong to a scheme that keeps your house from being foreclosed on.

The alleged email says “Please understand that there are no guarantees as to the outcome of this proceeding” but if the previous bankruptcy filings by Rampart MMW are an example the odds are fairly high this case will be dismissed as well for failing to supply required documentation.

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