Social Security Wants a Lot of My Disability Money Back

“Dear Steve,

I was colecting a disibilty check from social securty. I think it was 700.00 a month. I lived in Ohio and when I moved to New Jersey started driving a truck for a living after years of mental depression everything was going grate.

IM not sure how many years went by, but I ended up working in Iraq with the military. 5 1/2 years in Iraq got the best of me. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. I put in a clame with social securty but found work and seem to be ok by staying bizzy working and going to chruch.

Social securty called me and told me I missed an apointment. I told them I was working and was ok. They said ok. A month or so lator I recived an overpayment for 60 thousand dollars. I still dont understand why I owe and what I owe for.

The lady at the social securty office made me sine a papper to pay 50 dollars a month. She said it was 25 a month I was paying for the overpayment and she was raiseing it to 50 a month. I never knew anything about 25 overpayment being paid. I am paying 50 a month but cant understand why. I have had a gunshot wound to the head and am not good at understanding things. People keep telling me to leave it alone and 50 a month is a good deal. I dont owe 60,000 dollars. Should I keep paying it? I dont know what to do.


Dear George,

It might be that Social Security is trying to clawback the money they paid you because you said you were fine. That’s just a guess on my part but it seems to fit the scenario.

I would suggest you find an attorney that is licensed in your state and experienced in dealing with Social Security. You should not play around with this. The situation needs attention.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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