How Much Will Omni Credit Services Settle For?

“Dear Steve,

I went with the previous advice and chose to let the delinquent account go into a charge off status. What will Omni Credit Services generally accept as a settlement amount?

I previously inquired about what to do about a debt I owe on a defaulted store card due to job loss. I decided since it had been so long since I made a payment that it was best for me financially to let the account to go ahead and charge off. Now Omni Credit Services is collecting on the charge off and is blowing up the phone on a daily basis. So, since it has been charged off I would like to try to settle the account. About half of the amount owed is from interest and late penalty fees for all delinquent months. My question is what percentage of the total debt will Omni Credit Services settle with me on?”

The real question is how much can you afford? Anything outside of that amount would be impossible.

Maybe you can post some additional details in the comments.

How much is this debt for, what is the current balance?

How much cash on hand do you have to offer towards this debt?

You might also want to post this question in the debt settlement section of the forum and a debt settlement professional will probably answer you there as well.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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6 thoughts on “How Much Will Omni Credit Services Settle For?”

  1. Steve, in response to your answer and further question, the amount of the debt is $750 and honestly, I can afford to pay about $250 right now tops, but if I had some time I could probably come up with about $300 in a few weeks. I was hoping to settle it at $200 cause that is what I have cash on hand right now. I have not received a settlement offer, only a “Pay Now cause we are trying to be intimidating”  type letter. 

    • You should always feel free to speak to your creditor. The more courteous you are, the longer you can stall them. Just don’t wilt under the intimidation.

      The reality is that if you wait a couple of weeks you’ll be in a stronger position to make an offer that they are most likely to accept.

      Be sure that when you do negotiate a settlement with them that you get the offer in writing first before you send them any money.

      Keep us posted and feel free to post any specific technical questions on settling this in the debt settlement section of the forum.

          • neveragianCC,

            Have you dealt with this company personally? I have read a lot about Omni and people have nothing but bad things to say. I have received a letter from them collecting, but no settlement offer. That is what I am trying to figure out is if they do accept lump sums for settlements, what the average percentage of each debt they settle for on them. I am actually going to wait a bit before sending a letter with a settlement offer so that I will be prepared for the haggle so the more information from personal experiences I can find then the better it will be for me to decide what to offer. Thanks for the heads up on them and I hope to hear more information from you.

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