1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 6-23-2012

Consumer Statement:

1st United Consultants contacted me approximately a month ago telling me they may be able to save me approximately 300 a month for the length of my morgage. This service there was no charges involved. (If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is a scam)

I told this man John Khoury I did not think so because I only had about 5 years left with a 50,000 balance. He said he would call me back in 10 minutes and when he did not I assumed he could not do anything.

This evening appproximate 5pm I received a call from a different John Khoury with great urgency in his voice that my contract to receive this reduction was going to expire. He wanted to know why I did not sign this contract and return it. I had not received it. He had me to go to my computer and they emailed me documents that I could download in PDF form. I became very uneasy as I was going forward with these documents. I asked him how he was getting paid and he said four months of my new mortgage would go to them while they get me in this universal great rate reduction program. I asked him why my morgage company would want me to pay less and to them he said because I am paying over the average rate. It was my morgage company who refered me to them. After I sign this document my morgage company will be sending me documents. My husband walked in and tried to talk with the man and he would not let my husband talk.

I told him I would call my bank, on Monday and he said it would be too late the documents had to be turned in today. There was allot of double talk going on, he kept saying he hated to see me lose this deal.

I told him he could have called before so I could have checked this out and maybe I would have signed. I let the deal go and after reading the complaint above I hope some one stops this company. I also hope everyone can get their money back from this company.

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Consumer Action Taken:

I did not electronically sign the documents or give my credit card number. I hope by viewing and opening the documents I will not have any trouble.

Date This Problem Happened: June 22, 2012

State You Live in: Pennsylvania

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: 0

Company Name: 1st United Consultants

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 855-486-4831

Website of Company:

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2 thoughts on “1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 6-23-2012”

  1. 1st United Consultants is a company that was founded on principles of exceptional customer service and a belief that providing clients with alternate solutions to those of the lenderswho may not hold their best interests at heart.As a provider of true Financial Consultation, we are an unaffiliated 3rd party that works in the best interests of our clients, exactly what a consultant should be. 1st United Consultants provides a wealth of knowledge to clients through education, information and referrals. Our policy is to remain completely unbiased by refusing to be paid referral fees by 3rd party companies for referring a client for help. We charge a fee to the client for our consultation services and ensure that this is fully represented in all communications with our clients as well as in all documents provided to our clients.
    Due to the fact that our business model is innovative and unique, it is sometimes difficult to understand that WE ARE NOT a Loan Modification, Debt Settlement or Debt Relief company. Our business is to educate clients, based on our decades of experience in the consumer credit industry, on how to solve their financial woes either on their own or through the help of 3rd parties and more importantly what to look for in a 3rd party. If they wish, 1st United Consultants clients can be set-up with 3rd party debt relief companies who are reputable and successful in their respective industries to help them with their problems.

    We teach our clients that being pro-active and beginning to make a fundamental dramatic change today is the only outlook that they can afford to have. By beginning to save money and decrease variable and fixed savings through proper budgeting exercises, our clients can find themselves rid of unsecure debt in a short to medium timeframe, spending less on secure debt while increasing their asset portfolio.

    It’s unfortunate that in today’s economy, when consumers are struggling and looking for solutions, individuals and lenders are more busy slandering companies which are looking to provide a way out, rather than looking internally to find where the errors that have caused the downturn of
    our economy, truly lie. The ultimate causes of this great recession are banks lending unheard of amounts of money to clients who did not fully qualify but who were intent on borrowing to the maximum of their abilities. 1st United Consultants has a fundamental belief that it is time to put the power back in the hands of clients once and only once they educate themselves on the proper management of these responsibilities.
    Our service requires a 3 to 5 month timeframe for completion during which clients must remain patient and strong. Our company has been in existence for years and these are the only complaints posted against it online. IT IS PRIMORDIAL TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE WORK WITH THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS AND THE OPINIONS OF A FEW PEOPLE WHO HAVE ELECTED TO NOT WORK WITH OUR COMPANY NOR TO OBTAIN THE POTENTIAL RESULTS ARE NOT REFLECTIVE OF THE THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

    In conclusion, we invite all consumers to visit our website at 1unite.com and become a member of our family where we put our clients needs first and those of the banks, advertisers and big corporations a distant second. In addition, we, once again, invite the owner of this blog to help us in providing a unique Financial solution to clients in dire need of help. Thank you for providing us with this forum on which to exercise our right to respond to accusations made against our great organization and we wish you the best of luck and Godspeed. 

    • well please refund my 5200 dollars that you took to pay my creditors because my creditors have not received a dime


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