Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-24-2012

Consumer Statement:

I’ve committed with Consumer Care Law Group in CA for a loan modification. When I went over to their provided address.

Consumer Care Law Group
26060 Acero Pkwy #115
Mission Viejo,CA 92691

The office was closed and no sign of the name Consumer Care Law Group or

Michael Wallace Johnson(the lawer claimed backing this company) posted anywhere. The reception area seemed very clean and professional looking through the glass door.

Their service fees were divided in three payments to be deposited to an escrow account.

Consumer Action Taken:

Should I be concerned going forward with this company and have you received complaints on this company other consumers? Please help and your advice is greatly appreciated.

Date This Problem Happened: June 23, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Asian

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,990

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Company Name: Consumer Care Law Group

Company Address:

26060 Acero Pkwy
Mission Viejo

Company Telephone Number: 800-489-6038

Website of Company: ConsumerCareLaw.com

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5 thoughts on “Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-24-2012”

  1. This Consumer Care Law Group is runs under the law license of Michael Wallace Johnson (14919) who seem to have a history of dealing with foreclosures, loan problems etc. However, they list Mike David and Tracy Lee. I looked them up on the CA State Bare Web site and found a Michael G. David which looks to be “Mike David” because he’s in Orange County where this CCLG office located. Tracy Lee, was not listed as such and I didn’t have her Bar Number to look her up but they represent her to be an attorney. 

    I think that the law firm operates in a way that is against the CA State Bar Ethics for these reasons:
     1. I was told by the “para-legal” that there would be no fees for their help. It was only after I sent them documents on my situation with my foreclosure and loan, that they set up a call with another man who eventually lead to asking for $3k over three so-called performance phases. The are very anxious to get you to deposit $995 into their client-trust account.

    2. I was told that if I didn’t get the loan modification, that they would refund 80%. When I got their engagement letter, it was clear that each of these $995 payments were “fully earned” upon their completing their state performance steps i.e. submitting a loan request for modification. The problem is that the Engagement letter states that they “fully earn” the fees even if the loan is denied. So when they told us that we would get 80% back if we didn’t get a modification, their retainer says the opposite. 

    3. They have a clause in their engagement letter that all prior oral or written representations or promises are merged into this agreement, so if you dispute it later or if it was litigated, you wouldn’t be able to introduce those promises or representations into evidence. While all attorney retainer agreement have this clause, it certainly something that you should be aware of because those oral (or written) promises won’t be allow in. Also they have a binding arbitration clause which means you can have your complaint decided by a judge or a jury, only an Arbitrator and once an Award has been made, you can’t appeal.  The retainer is written in such a way as to protect their rights to the maximum- which is fine- but realize their goal is to get each payment, and they have conditions that must be fulfilled such as stating the obligation of the client to have a “mid-range” FICA score. This is requirement stated for their first phase ‘performance’ work, and you have already but that money into their bank account, so when you fail to have a “mid-range” FICA score, then they can use that to claim you breached and access your $995 that you already put into their account. So people that are in foreclosure and already going to have bad FICA score, so they already are set up to lose at least $995.  This was never told to use in the pre-engagement stage.

    4. What happened to us is probably happening to thousands every month- depending on how large their boiler room is. When someone makes oral or written mis-statement of fact in order to induce or encourage you to give them money is Fraud in the Inducement, and can be criminal and civil. 

    5. I encourage all who have been duped by this law firm using misrepresentations to induce you to sing a “engagement” contract where you specifically lose your rights to misrepresentation to file a State Bar Complaint, and also a complaint with the Attorney General. 

    • You NEVER lose your rights to file a State Bar complaint, or one with the Attorney General. Any contract stating that is illegal and unenforceable to that degree.

    • let me know whats your result coz im in the same situation like yours, our only difference is i havent made any payments.

      it will be helpful if you can provide me any details.


      • I’ve been Dealing with them since july.. I’m down with with my last payment next month. They were able to moved my foreclosure date… The only thing I hate about them is… They never return my call nor my email when I needed to ask something. You will get call from different person asking for same documents that was already been submitted. They are VERY disorganized,and very poor customer service… they wouldnt even follow up nor update you of the status. I had to looked online if the sale date has been moved because they wouldn’t
        Return my call.. I’m already stressed about my house being foreclosed… They made it more stressful.. If only I didn’t pay them much… I would just cancel my contract and find someone who would assure me that they will take care of me. After all, I paid them to do all the work and free me from all my worries.


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