U.S. Government Teaches Kids to Save Money by Stealing Twitter Bird and Not Drinking Juice or Soda

Kids.gov recently published these comics designed to teach kids all about learning ways to save money.

The first is aimed at younger kids with an interesting message that you can buy stuff you really want if you use your own money.

It struck me as an interesting message since it seems to be a tacit approval that you can buy all the stuff you want, versus need, as long as you use money you control.

The rest of the ideas are innocent enough.

The comic aimed at older kids by stealing what appears to be the Twitter logo bird. Busy little bird. The advice given to the older kids is a bit more perplexing. I’m not sure your local librarian would appreciate being the social director of your local community but maybe it breaks up the day.

Also the government advice to drink less juice and soda is interesting as well. I agree that moderation of sugary drinks is a good thing but isn’t that more of a health issue? After all, discount soda can be purchased for less than bottled water.

I bet this was a tough assignment for whoever got tasked with it and I realize I’m probably being a bit critical here but the observations above did kind of jump out at me when I saw the comics.

What do you think about them. Are they good guides to teach kinds about managing money?


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