I Thought Results for Homeowners Reeked of a Scam. – Jim

“Dear Steve,

emailed you several months ago about a mortgage relief organization that had approached an old HS buddy in So. Cal. with proposed settlement ideas. You and I both did some research on “results for homeowners.com”, found they had no operating license in Ca., nor were they operating in the City of Costa Mesa according to city records. They reeked of a scam, you and I both thought so. I didn’t get involved with them and informed my friend of what we’d discovered. They’d already paid their $3K “fee” with results and stayed with them. Turns out we were wrong. Chase settled with my friends, they’re keeping their property, the $3K is being refunded, and they’re at the <30% rule. Your advice was to look at a re-fi as rates are so low. I can't afford the pts. required for any low interest rated loans...most are 40 yr. fixed to even get close to the <30% rule. So Steve, should I re-engage Results, or continue on the dice roll knowing I've 2 yrs. left before my 30 yr. fixed, 1st 10 interest only rolls? Jim"

Dear Jim,

According to a recent commenter the company provided them with a corporate registration number but that led to a different company named 1st Choice Document Preparation, LLC.

It’s not clear from your question, the exact type of service they are trying to sell you. If they are assisting you with a possible modification they cannot collect any advanced fee. If they are assisting you with a possible foreclosure, according to the California Department of Justice website they are not registered to perform such services under either 1st Choice Document Preparation or Results for Homeowners.

Do what you want but you would think the Results for Homeowners website would be more open and transparent. They still do not appear to list the alleged connection with 1st Choice Document Preparation, a street address or even have a registration to do business in California under Results for Homeowners.

See also  1st Choice Document Preparation LLC. Reader Wants to Know Who is Behind It.

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2 thoughts on “I Thought Results for Homeowners Reeked of a Scam. – Jim”

  1. Cannot find any business related filings or Newport Mortgage Relief (On Lindsey D.’s letterhead or 1st Choice Document Prep (How she instructed the check be written out).

  2. I did some research on this organization and living in the area, I have been able to locate the office that they actually work out of.  The address is 23 Corporate Plaza, Newport Beach, CA  92660.   The 220 Newport Center Dr. is a private mail center.  They do not have a business license with the City of Newport Beach or completed the required Fictitious Business Name Statement filing with the Orange County Recorder/County Clerk.  I know that a George, Lindsey and Megan are people associated with this company.  Letters from Lindsey show her as a Sr. Case Manager and her name as Lindsey D.   She has failed to provide a last name after numerous requests.  She met with a friend of mine yesterday to pick up paperwork and of course a check for $1250, half of the fee of $2500 that must be paid in full before the paperwork on their end is started.  They (Megan) already called back today inquiring about the balance.  A stop payment has been placed on the first check.  I will send more info as I get it.  It sickens me to see these people prey upon people in desperate situations taking desperate measures to save their homes.  


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