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The Law Offices of Lance Denha – Consumer Complaint – 6-29-2012

Consumer Statement:

I feel I was scammed by The Law offices of Lance Denha. In Early June I was phoned by a represenative of the law firm and was offered help with my mortgage forclosure. After giving in to the sales pressure I decided to pay the fee of $895 initially and then $600 per month until final resolution. Feeling uncomfortable about the decision I called back three days later and asked for the gentleman(Marshall Sands) who signed me up and was told he was gone for the day. After two more days passed(which was after their three day money back policy) I finally spoke to someone from Lance Denha Law offices and told them I decided not to use their services and wanted my money back. I was told I had to send an email requesting the cancellation so I did. I was then sent an email saying I wasnt represented by the Lance Denha Law Office,which I already knew, and that it would take 3 to 5 business days to get my refund. I recieved my refund four days later shor t $100.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called to ask why my refund was shorted and the gentleman(Brian Hutchins) said I was lucky to recieve any of my money back and that the $100 was to cover over 40 phone calls and entries entered on my file.He was the most rude person I have spoke to and he was trying to earn your business. Most of those calls and entries were on their behalf trying to secure my business. I replied there is nothing in the retainer agreement that states that. He replied that is standard business practices and I would not get my money back. I have not tried any other means to get the money back but I think EVERYONE should be made aware of how Lance Denha Law office treats you when your in financial straits looking for an affordable solution. If the Law Office of Lance Denha and their associates are truly interested in helping people they would not charge trivial administrative fees to people who can least afford it. They are only interested in your money whethe r they earn it or not. Be leary of this firm they are out for your money and themselves.Preying on the people who are in a financial bind that they claim they want to help. If they truly want to help those behind on their mortgage or in forclosure I would think a reputable Law Office would want to provide solutions rather than add to the financial problem.

Date This Problem Happened: June 27, 2012

State You Live in: Illinois

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $895

Company Name: The Law Offices of Lance Denha

Company Address:

10321 Royal Palm Blvd
Coral Springs, Florida 33065

Company Telephone Number: 855-862-2223

Website of Company:

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • Tony

    I agree with all of you they are scam artist

  • Lynda Butler

    I signed up in Nov 2012 and it is now June 2013 when this first started I was only 30 days behind and they promised that they had never had anyone turned down for a load modification. I trusted them and them gave them the 895 upfront and 600 a month. They did nothing for me never kept me informed. When Charlene called me and was trying to force me to put 4600.00 in the bank the next day to cover a program she claimed that beneficial offered me since my loan modification was denied and they would take the other owed to the end of the loan I was suspicious. Very hateful and persistent. She talked to me not like I was paying her to help me. I am now 12000.00 behind in my mortgage payment and just found out that I could have handled this myself and did not need a lawyer to handle this. I will do everything in my power to put this firm out of business or the person responsible for trying my marriage, my nerves, maybe losing my home. There is a place in hell for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tigger 53

    I just wanted to thank all of you for posting about this law firm. They JUST called me and tried to talk me into the bull that they used on you all. This page totally convinced me NOT to even bother with them at all!! Thanks again.

  • Bernie

    This link will you show you that 100s of people seemed to agree with you that this is a scam.

    They almost got me too!

  • Tgz16

    Im not sure if the day that I found your site was a blessing or a curse?  HAHA!  Not only have I been able to discover a countless amount of scams, but I find myself deeply looking into every single company these days.  I’m at a point to where I think Im really good at it. 

    What I dont really know is how to make a tangible difference?  How do you seriously spread the word when you locate a scam like this?  For instance, I have traced this scam back nearly 10 years and the same primary figures are there the whole way through.  So, who can we alert that will actually do something about it?  Despite my findings on several scams I’m not sure I’ve made nearly enough of an impact on them.

  • Tgz16

    Hey Mr “Get out of debt guy”!  Are you investigating these people?  They seem to poping up all over the country and they are linked to some of the biggest criminals in this scam modification industry.  How are they able to continue this?  Is it because they change their name all the time? 

    • Steve Rhode

      There is a never ending supply of problem companies. Consumers filing reports like this one is the best way to get notified when problems arise.

      • Elliot

        The real owner’s name is Greg Spinder. The attorney is his bi*tch and I mean that literally & screams at him like he his step child, yet the attorneys name is on everything. Greg Spinder, the same criminal that owner part of the Notorious First Universal Lending, & Loan Doc Prep, & Young & Associates, & The Pinnacle Law Firm, & Credit Trust Group, & Debt Network USA, & Centerlink Media, & 10 other scam names in between. How does the owner of First Universal Lending still get away with running the same scam all these years later?

      • Edward

        Steve, is this true? Can you look into this? If so, these people have to exposed by you.

  • Have2orelse

    Call them up and see that they won’t even tell you their name when they answer their phone.  They just say “law firm”. What is that!?

    They robbed me and after I canceled they won’t even let me get thru to talk to the setup man that told me all the lies.  Lance denha you are a bad man.  If lance denha is even you name?  Lance denha only takes your money he doesn’t really do anything else that I have already did.  My bank looked them up and laughed at me when I told them all the things the set up man from lance denha promised try would do.  My loan is only 2 years behind and lance denha made me fall behind and Larry I found out that my lender didn’t brek any rules like they said they knew they did.   Run away from this scam before they take your money and your credit.  I’m going to save some money and sue this bastard Lance Denha.

  • Gangsa72

    They are bullShittttttttttt.
    They are all go to the hell.

    • Toxicxcrayons_sb

       I worked for these scammers before i knew what they were doing sorry

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