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We Are On Social Security Disability and Can Hardly Make It. – Robert

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Betweed my girlfriends and my debt we can herdiy make it. I am on social securty disabiliey and my girlfriend of 21 years has a hard time walking. Any help would be helpful and when we are good, we can pay something back. I had a credit score of 718 in Febuary 2012 and I fell because of my girlfriend.

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  • Robert,
    Living on a fixed income can be very difficult. I understand that your budget is very tight, and perhaps even sometimes not enough to cover everything. I hope you would look into contacting your local Health & Human Resources to inquire if you qualify for other programs or government assistance. Local charities can sometimes help with utilities or food boxes through local food pantries. It may not solve your situation but every little bit helps. Hope things look up for you.

  •  There is a man I know who was reported to child support by his wife when he broke his hand and the engine in his car blew. He ask child support for two months hardship to pay his union dues to keep his job, time to get transportation and time for his hand to heal and have the cast removed.
     The response was, “That’s your problem”. They lost the next 3 jobs by taking most of his checks and unable to shower, was dismissed by employers.
    For over 25 years he sometimes ate out of garbage cans, lived in the streets, in garages or where ever he could find in exchange for work.
     He finally put his complete trust in the LORD, began to tithe and today he has the money(over $37,000.00 for child support arrearas) and is trying to find a way to pay this to the government without getting ripped off again. He also has his own, paid for property.
     It is not easy to put complete trust in JESUS but it is the “only” way. I know because I am that man.
     Praying with and for you.   A brother in the LORD.

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