Lloyd Ward Files Response in Texas Bar Disciplinary Action

In May, Dallas debt settlement attorney Lloyd Eugene Ward was sued by the State Bar of Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline. You can read that article here.

Ward’s response to the suit is breathtaking, wait for it, wait for it…. it’s all untrue.

The response was filed by Christopher Weil of Weil & Petrocchi in Dallas and reads, “Respondent denies the material allegations contained in the Original Disciplinary Petition, demands strict proof thereof, and a jury trial to determine same.” – Source


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12 thoughts on “Lloyd Ward Files Response in Texas Bar Disciplinary Action”

  1. can somebody please post the phone number where michael pflaum currently works?  his number at lloyd ward is no longer active, since they separated.  i cannot find the number for the debt solution if that is who he works for?

  2. Lloyd Ward Company is not processing my income deduction order signed by Judge Gamboa in Miami.  They are protecting a career criminal named Michael Pflaum among all the other bad things that go on there.  He stopped paying me and they protect him.  Tim Wiersman, Jamie and Stephanie Cherwin are all in cahoots to hide Pflaum.  They know some of his criminal history but not all!  His resume is all false except the Simon & Bosksch transfer out of miami to dallas in ’11.


  3. Lloyd? Eugne?  Steve, we all like following these folks antics, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, why do you keep picking on this guy?  Especially the Paternity suit, that is not relevant to anything he does in the debt world.  Anyways, Karma is a bitch in life, I would ease off on this dude, clearly whatever he did is making his life come apart, but it almost seems vendetta like.  I won’t read this site anymore if that is the case.

    • You will be missed.  

      For years, Steve would report on DS companies who were harming consumers and these scammers took advantage of consumers without remorse in the name of greed so yes there is a sense of satisfaction in watching one of them spiral out of control losing everything.  Its easy to make millions when you are flat out lying and stealing.  

      The way I see it, the more Steve can show consumers that the bad players are finally paying for their actions, the more consumer confidence can be restored.  

      Keep up the great work Steve!!  

    • I don’t go out and search for any of this stuff. Readers send it to me. I have no vendetta or focus on Ward. I actually feel sorry for the guy.

      Ward is apparently appearing a lot more frequently because there is a lot of stuff going on that involves him. But that same policy applies to tips I receive from anyone on anyone.

      Except for the paternity issue, everything else I believe has been about debt related stuff.

      As I said in the paternity suit post, I was only posting it under the context of “when it rains it pours.” It seems to be raining in on him from everywhere, even his baby momma.

      If there are more actions that involve him and people send them to me I’ll probably post them and I invite you not to read them if they upset you.


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