Fidelity Land Trust Owners a Mystery. Who Are They Really?

A company in Florida, Fidelity Land Trust has made the news lately (here) and comments on another post really piqued my interest to want to know more.

The Fidelity Land Trust Company, LLC is a relatively new company making some big claims like, “Fidelity Land Trust has a 100% success rate for all of their litigated properties and has hundreds of active suits to this day.” They made that claim on March 2, 2012, after three months in business. – Source

According to public records, The Fidelity Land Trust Company, LLC is registered to do business in Florida and says they are located at 902 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, FL 33487. Their registered agent is Robert “Robby” Birnbaum, Esq., 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. The company is relatively new, only have been registered on December 9, 2011. – Source

Again, this really piqued my interest since I know Birnbaum and his firm represent a number of debt relief companies.

For the sake of keeping commenters on track, in this article I simply want to focus on who is really behind The Fidelity Land Trust Company that is selling services to consumers by claiming they can and taking title to peoples homes.

The LLC documents say that the managing member of Fidelity Land Trust is Fidelity Land Trust Partners, also located at 902 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33487.

But according to state records Fidelity Land Trust Partners is not registered to do business in Florida nor registered to conduct business under a fictitious name.

The State of Florida says even if the company is operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership, companies must register a fictitious name, “Whatever you choose, you need to register your company with the state, county and obtain a bank account for the company. You are required to do these steps even if you have an online business or an at home business.” – Source

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Consumers are signing over their homes to a company that is not transparent about their ownership nor who controls or owns the company and now the consumer’s home. So who are people really signing over their homes to?

The one clue we have is the signature on the Fidelity Land Trust Company LLC documents. They were signed by Edward C. Tudor as member or an authorized representative of the member.

Edward C. Tudor is actually a fictitious name on file with the state of Florida for Edward Cherry who is located at 902 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. His alias is registered to a foreign address in Luxembourg. – Source

The Fidelity Land Trust website isn’t any more transparent about who consumers are giving their homes over to. The site offers up limited information on their company profile page about who controls and owns the organization:

Fidelity Land Trust is operated by a group of attorneys with over 75 years combined litigation and transactional experience along with high-level insurance and financial associates. – Source

So the company is operated by a group of attorneys, but that does not say anything about ownership.

And on their FAQ page they publish this:

Even the Fidelity Land Trust Company website can’t be transparent about who really owns the company or even transparent about who the attorneys are that operate the company.

For all we know the company is owned by an unregistered illegal criminal syndicate that is stealing peoples homes. I actually doubt that’s the case but you see what I mean here. Without clarity, people have no clue who they are essentially giving their homes to.

In order to solve this mystery, if anyone can shed some facts on Fidelity Land Trust Partners, why they are not registered to do business in Florida as apparently required, and who the entity really is, please post it in the comments below.

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In my opinion this information should be open and transparent if people are going to sign their homes over to an organization they are relying on to keep them in their homes. Consumers should demand to know who specifically owns the organization and who the attorneys are that control the organization in order to do prudent research about the owners and operators before signing away the deed to their home to just anyone.


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21 thoughts on “Fidelity Land Trust Owners a Mystery. Who Are They Really?”

  1. I think the public would realy want to know also  it they can back up there promises and who  are the real owners of Fidelity Land Trust.  Too many names too many different addresses seen in the papers

    • hence the word Trust or Trustee, (Investors) throwing onto a pot of gold and fighting against these Banks in which screw  middle class to lower class citizens, if you want to throw Convicted Felon into the mix Stop using credit cards because the Sourcing company is headed by Felons to protect your transaction. Cherry Might be a Felon and working behind corners though several cases have been won in lieu of and all is needed is to stop taking PrePayment and make it on a contingent basis.

  2. For those interested, John Wright published a post today that mentioned Fidelity land Trust. See

    • A plaintiff in the case against Fidelity Land Trust posted on piggybankblog that the Fl. AG is now seeking criminal charges against the Fidelity Land Trust scumbags including Larry Diodato, Ed Cherry, Paul Gallenbeck, etc.. You knew this was coming. Stay tuned.


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