Should I Use Davenport Law or Debt America – Danny

I have close to $300000 in credit card line of credit and loans. I am going to use either davenport law or debtamerica. Which ones do you recommend. I live in Texas.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Use Davenport Law or Debt America – Danny”

  1. Hello Danny,
    Can you tell me a little bit more about your situation? I can’t really recommend anything until I know something about the situation. Also if you give me some further details about the proposals that these programs gave you, I can let you know if you should be looking at better options.


    • Hi Damon
      Thank you first of all for replying. I run a business. An I have a total debt of 230K. That includes credit card and business line of credit and unsecured business loans. They offered to settle for $2300 each month for 51 months.
      That was their deal.

      •  I would run quickly. I haven’t taken the time to look either of those two firms up yet, but I would absolutely not recommend a 4 year settlement program until you really explore all of your options.

        Plus, there is no such thing as payments with debt settlement. So even though the sales guy is saying 2300 a month, that is not something your creditors are agreeing to.

        With the kind of debt you are dealing with, and the fact that this is likely going to have a large impact on your business, I would recommend you set up a telephone consultation with me to review your overall situation in detail before you jump in to a program like this.

        You can schedule the consultation at

        I will have you send me over their contracts prior to the call as well. Most debt settlement companies charge a very large fee, so there is a pretty good chance I will be able to save you thousands in fees as well by giving you some other programs to compare these to.

        Of course, we may find that settlement isn’t your best approach, or that you would be better off settling the debt directly with the creditor, it really depends on how you would prefer to handle it.

      • When you say, “They offered to settle for $2300 each month for 51 months” I just want to make sure that’s what the settlement company said they would collect from you each month and not what your creditors would agree to.


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