My Husband is Working In Dubai, Had Leprosy, And is Now Getting Deported. – Faith

“Dear Steve,

my husband is working in dubai for 4 years since we found out that he is suffering from leprosy. he went back to dubai after treating here in india for 2 months so he wont be infectious and will have with him he’s medical clearance from the doctor. but the company said that he must undergo some medical investigation and found out that even he is or not infectious anymore he will be deported. we are thinking what will gonna happen with his bank loan if he will get deported?


Dear Faith,

Even if he is forced to leave the country he will still owe the balance of the loan due. Just tell him to make sure he is not in default on the loan in Dubai or leave before he gets too far in default. In the UAE you can face jail time for delinquent debt.

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