FBCS Sent Me a Printout On My Account and Says It’s Verified

“Dear Steve,

I have a charge off credit card account on my credit from 3 years ago. It then went to a collector in which I disputed the debt against, but had no luck of getting it deleted from my credit. Now I got a letter from FBCS stating they were authorized by the previous debt collector to accept a settlement on the account. So I sent them a debt validation letter in which I received a response today from them saying my account is on hold until my response is received (30days) and included a printout from there computer showing some account information on the charge off account with the amount owed with the closing date, payment due date, and the name of the original creditor along with a printout with my social security number, d.o.b., and some email I do not know, and my name on it. It also has a phone number on it that I do not recognize.

Is the print offs of the debt that is disputed enough to be considered a validated debt? I also requested that they send proof of ownership of proof they are allowed to collect the debt and received nothing but the print outs. I am nervous about this because I have a few issues where someone used my name on accounts and just got those taken off my credit cause they could not validate the debts. I have read a few reviews on this company FBCS where people have said they are abusive and have even gone as far as lying about stating they were collecting for creditors when they weren’t and the police were involve as well as the attorney general of that person’s state. Also, is it a common thing for a collection agency to authorize another collection agency to offer a settlement and collect on a account, or is this just a debt collector trick to lie for you to pay them?”

It could be all or none of the above reasons. Unfortunately it does not sound like you have received enough information that give you clarity or clear answers on this debt.

It appears you can’t even identify who the owner of the debt is from the information they sent you.

I would suggest that if you want to get to the bottom of this and have some assistance standing up to FCBS that you look for a consumer attorney in your state through NACA.net. If you feel this debt may not be yours and you want to avoid the prosecution of this against you then getting legal help on this debt at this point seems entirely reasonable and prudent.

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