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Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Won’t Respond to My Refund Requests. – Louise

“Dear Steve,

I had a contract with Financial Solutions Resolution which then got changed to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution — all under Attorneys Macey, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns. I had 4 credit cards (3 discover, 1 chase) with them. one went to court but then got cancelled and taken out of court –. this was a DISCOVER account.
the chicago office refunded me the fees for the one that went to court.

I rode the term out — and they never settled the others, so I wrote a request for refund — under their guarantee clause, and sent certified mail to their IRVINE, CA office who were dealing with my contract. I live in Colorado. I still havent heard back from them.

I saw all your articles on them, including the video/skype on the news report in chicago.

First Question: Just would like your opinion on what I should do next.

I turned over the DISCOVER acccount that went to court and got pulled to Strategic Debt Resolution in Florida — they don’t take any fees until they settle. So 2nd question is – do you have any information on them?


Dear Louise,

Have you considered bankruptcy to resolve this debt problem? It seems unreasonable that you are still wandering through this, still in debt, and wasting time that could be used to rebuild your credit and finances.

You should register your complaint with the main office in Chicago. You can follow this process for demanding a refund.

Regarding Strategic Debt Resolution, I can’t find any information on a company by that name. Can you give me a web address for their site?

At the very least I think you should strongly consider a consultation with Damon Day to work through your entire situation and get you headed down a path to actually deal with the debt quickly.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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