My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. What Can I Do to Keep My Car? – Mary

have been in chapter 13 bankruptcy and lost my job and I informed my attorney of this tried to convert to chapter 7 and was told no need to come to meeting they had last week and received a letter in mail today telling me that bankruptcy has been dismissed.

is there anything I can do to keep my car?

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3 thoughts on “My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. What Can I Do to Keep My Car? – Mary”

  1. I think in order for you to keep your car it would help for you to call your finance company and see what you can negotiate with them. Every finance company is different and every situation is different. I wish you luck and hope everything works out for the better.

  2. My chapter 13 was dismissed (I asked the court to dismiss it after i was laid off) and then I wrote the finance company a letter and a check. I told them my case was dismissed and I wanted to keep the car and asked for a lower payment. I cut 40% off of my monthly payment in my proposal. I sent them a check worth two months of my revised payment as a show of good faith (i used some of my severance to do so). they accepted my proposal and cashed my check. as i was on unemployment i was able to make my monthly payments and keep my car – at my newly negotiated rate.  sometimes all you have to do is asked.


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