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Tax Defense Network – Warning to Companies Defense Network are one in the same company. Below you will find a background history on Tax Defense Network and how we at JG Tax Group have successfully stopped these two entities from what we believe to be libeling our company.

Tax Defense Network has set up a website called This website claims to deliver “Real Reviews”, “Honest Ratings”, and “Reliable Results”. The website dishonestly poses as an outside, third party who has “done background checks” on each tax company and “rated their performance from A-F”. The truth is that Tax Defense Network owns and lists itself as the “Number 1” tax company on the website. Meanwhile, Tax Defense Network is hard at work posting pretend, made up “ratings” on other companies.

Attachment #1 is a copy of a lawsuit that we filed against Tax Defense Network and its other website, After the lawsuit was filed, they immediately withdrew JG Tax Group from their website. We dismissed our lawsuit because Tax Defense Network removed our name and approximately 40 other names from the website. Several weeks later, Tax Defense Network was back up to their old tricks as they’d reposted JG Tax Group on their website in a less provocative way. We still believed it was libel so we notified Tax Defense Network that we were filing a second lawsuit; Attachment #2. Again, they immediately withdrew JG Tax Groups’ name from their website.

More About Tax Defense Network:

Tax Defense Network was founded in 2007, by brothers Franklin and Joseph Vailnho. The company was established after both brothers and their prior business, Emergency Debt Relief, were sued by Attorney General Charlie Crist on behalf of the State of Florida pursuant to the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, Chapter 501, Florida Statutes. Read more here. Please see Attachment #3 for the settlement document on this matter.

Dwayne Harmon, while Vice President of Marketing for Tax Defense Network, was charged with 1.7 million dollars in Internet fraud. Harmon was accused of selling the personal information of hundreds of Tax Defense Networks’ clients, putting their identities at risk of being abused. Read more here. Also, please see Attachment #4 for Harmon’s lengthy criminal record and see Attachment #5 for his present incarceration.

This guest post was submitted by JG Tax Group

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  • Steve Stearns

    Steve you also want to know that is now

  • Buffalobill111557

    i miss spelled my contact e mail its do not trust them it will cost you more and you will still owe i.r.s.the com. name is tax group center  5010 parkway suite 101 calabasasa calabasa ca. 91302-3923

  • Buffalobill111557

    looking for any one who got rip off to. im going to take them to court for breach of contract please get back to me i. all info. will help.  contact me at thank you

  • Buffalobill111557

    the tax group out of cal. palm springs cost me more than i owe irs. and still did not fix my dept i still owe irs

     has cost me more than i owe

  • Tax_Advocate

    Does anyone know if is at all related to this “Tax Defense Network”. is another site that is giving out unfair reviews on companies.

  • Tax_Advocate

    Steve,There is another site just like this one which gives bogus and negative reviews to Tax Relief companies, to the betterment of some other Company.  Check out
    It is very similar to the site you wrote about; I wonder if the same operators are behind both of  them.  Are you familiar with or its owners?  It’s very hard to figure out who is behind it, as there is so little info given on the site and the domain ownership is anyonymous.  Maybe one of your readers might know some information so these operators can also be exposed.

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