Short Sale on My Home With Two Mortgages Shows Two Different Dates. – Sunny

“Dear Steve,

Short sale of home which had 2 mortgages, credit report shows different dates. Closing date for the Short sale was 12/09, 2nd released mortgage on 01/10 but the 1st release mortgage shows 05/10. After further review of Court documents the dates match with the Release filing the 2 banks completed. Now I’m trying to get new mortage but new Bank is stating their must have been 2 shorts sales with such a large difference in dates.

Is there any way of correcting the dates on this short sale. 1st mortgage took 5 months to process their internal paper work. But the deed was given to the new owner on 12/09.


Dear Sunny,

Frankly the easiest way is to give the new mortgage company underwriters the documentation showing the single sale and explain the difference in dates.

Talk to your mortgage broker or loan officer for assistance in getting your supporting documentation to the right underwriter.

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