NACA Saved Blanca, Can They Save Your Home as Well?

“Dear Steve,

We could not afford our house and tried for 2 years to get a loan modification with our bank, after trying almost anything that could help us (also we contacted you) and got very valuable information, we were able to see light at the end of the tunnel, but I want to tell you that we work with a non-profit organization name NACA and they were able to get us a trial with our bank and now after a long year of negotiations through NACA our bank offer us a loan modification, thanks to the help of naca. We would like to tell you this because a see how many people is desperate to keep their houses as we did. I know every case is different and what works for us may not work for others , but NACA like you do not charge a penny for their services!! Have you hear about them??

After doing your investigation about this organization (that helped us way beyond their duties, without any charge) can you pass the information to the people who are in foreclosure and need real help? . Thank You for all your help and I hope this information can help others.


Dear Blanca,

NACA is Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America and is a HUD Housing Counselor that can provide free mortgage services to consumers. The cost of services is paid by taxpayers. There are a number of HUD Housing Counseling agencies across the country.

The NACA website is NACA.com.

NACA has been around for quite a while and has both cheerleaders and some detractors. Here is one story of how things didn’t quite work out as hoped, NACA’s “Save the Dream Tour” Now Disappointing Thousands in Phoenix?

Interestingly the BBB offers a very confusing message along with their no rating for this company. They say:

This 501(c)4 organization has a BBB Rating of No Rating because this is is not a business. BBB only issues a BBB rating on a business. This organization is also not a charity and therefore BBB would not issue a BBB Charity Report. – Source

Yet the company appears to be a current corporation registered in Massachusetts.

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1 thought on “NACA Saved Blanca, Can They Save Your Home as Well?”

  1. NACA. HOPE, HAMP and even the FEDS can’t forced any lender to modify loans. The banks have their own set of rules that they keep changing regularly in the middle of the game to decline. Why do lenders decline a modification even when the Hoemowner qualifies financially and with a legitimate hardship documentation.? First of all as I said, lenders don’t seem to be bound by any FED regulation and I guess they make more profit by keeping the accounts open in order that they may continue to charge service fees to the investors, Freedie Mack and Fannie Mae, which in turn reverts back to us, the taxpayer. Not funny but true.
    So, in what stage is the $11billion dollars or more Bank of Amercia was supposed to use to comply with the $25 billion the FEDS supposedly fined the lender for using illegal means of foreclosing (Robot signing, etc) This article was reported several month ago in the NY TIMES, and according to the report BofA was said to be sending out 200,000 letter to Homeowner that were about to be foreclosed on with an offer to  lower rate of interest coupled with a reduced mortgage amount to those homeowners who’s loans were underwater and behind in their mortgage payments from January 2012 and beyond. What happened to the media coverage? No TV, Newspaper or radio. No wonder one of the BofA CEO’S was said to have reported that lender was expecting very few responses becasuse once the homeowner received the letter, they woud think the whole idea was a scam, therefore, high percentage of those letterst would go right into the trash can.  I’m sure they would feel it was a scam if this is the first time the heard of the program, so in essence BofA should thank the media for their none reporting.    L.Oscar


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