Can I Sell My Business With a Judgment for Taxes Against Me? – Dave

I owned a restaurant for almost two years. I filed NY sales tax but did not pay them. The restaurant has now been closed for two months. I have a buyer who wants to purchase my equipment and reopen the restaurant in the same space with my restaurant name.

There was a judgement filed against me. The tax agent said that’s so they can collect the tax.

Can I sell the business name to the new owner? Or does the lien prevent that. I would love to have any amount of funds to partially pay the back taxes. The same question for the equipment. Can I sell?

It seems to me that the State would allow the sale so I can pay something. The total sale amount of the business name and equipment would amount to about a quarter the taxes owed.

Also, what if the owner opens up in my rest. name anyway without buying it from me, is he now liable? Thank you.

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