US Bank Stops Bitch Slapping Ohio Unemployed With Overdraft Charge

Those in Ohio who are receiving unemployment benefits will be getting a bit of a reasonable break come July 18, reports Policy matters Ohio.

Seems that until now, the Reliacard prepaid debit cards that are issued by US Bank to deposit benefits on would hit the unemployed with a $17 overdraft charge. But you’ve got to wonder, since it is a prepaid debit card, how can it overdraft? Logical it must just have been an attempt to process an ATM or transaction that exceeded available benefits.

It appears the U.S. Bank definition of the Reliacard was that it reliably generated funds off those that could least afford it. – Source

The card will still charge fees for use if it is used in an ATM that is not part of the US Bank or Visa Plus network. That seems totally reasonable.

“This is the right move for unemployed Ohioans,” said David Rothstein, Policy Matters’ project director for asset building. “Unemployed workers cannot afford to have any part of their compensation siphoned off. It’s critical that public dollars go directly to the families.”

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