1st United Financial Consultant – Consumer Complaint – 7-23-2012

Consumer Statement:

received call from 1st united financial consulant senior financial consulant Steve Scharf: told me he could get my moratage payments modified,by getting the interest rate lowered,and getting total amount reduced. lead me to believe this was a new program set up by the goverment.we talked on the phone about the program and he also sent me e-mails of the Savings Plan Sign Up Agreement,which we went through step by step I have an e-mail from him reguarding questions that I had on the fees that were to be charged,he told me my money would be put into a saving account through Meracord and that was were my payments were sent via…ACH I called my mortage company after receiving late notices and was told that they had no knowledge of this company and that I should stop payments which I did and filed a complant through my bank,I called Meracord as I was not able after 3 days of trying to get Steve on phone

I was told that there were no funds in account that as soon as payments were posted 1st United withdrew $268.00 of the 275.00 payments by weekely for (ACTIVATION FEES) …this was news to me I was able to get Steve through a transfer call from Meracord…I told him I wanted to cancel account and wanted refund as per Sigh Up Agreement ,he informed me that we were not using Sigh up agreement…but the Client Service Agreement that was e=mailed to me later in the day as I had to sign these papers before reading them I did not want to do that I was told that these papers were “””NOT WRITTED IN STONE “”” and not to be worried about them Steve said that if I had read these papers I would have know that there was no money in account and money was taken by them for (ACTIVATION FEES ) this was news to me and furthermore if I quit the program there are no refunds….as the Sigh Up Agreement was not in force….Needless to say I am very upset and Thank you for your wonderful Web Site,I will follow your step-by step to recover my money but I do not have a address to write or send cerifyed mail,,how can I get that information

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Consumer Action Taken:

sent cancellation letter to Steve at steve@1united.com,talked on phone at 1-855-486-4831 ext 1008

Date This Problem Happened: June 29, 2012

State You Live in: Arizona

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

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Total Amount of Fee Paid: $825

Company Name: 1st United Financial Consultant

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 855-486-4831

Website of Company:

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