How Can I Cancel My Contract With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Linda

Signed up with Legal Helpers two years ago. Have not received anything in writing letting me know which companies have been paid off even though I’ve requested information by phone and e-mail. They have given verbal answers but not when debt was paid off, how much the settlement was, etc. They gave me a website to go to for this information ( but I cannot get on the website.

Can I get out of the contract? Can I stop payments?


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5 thoughts on “How Can I Cancel My Contract With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Linda”

  1. I joined legal helpers two yrs ago,was to be out of debt by now.Well I am not,every time I call they repeat the same thing over, the last time I told her not to bother they had their little speech just like they had us do when we joined tosay to creditors when they called,If you have just joined I am sorry take that loss and get out before you spend anymore.The money that starts going into an account to settle your debts they start taking out “maintance fees”  $50 a month there is nothing left to settle anything and then they want more money . LHDR is a scam, by the time you keep giving them money you could have gotten out of debt yourself.

  2. I got Legal Helpers Debt Resolution about a year ago and I would advise noone to go for a debt settlement company.There all a rip off. I quit payment to them and I hired an attorney and filed bankruptcy. First of all my credit is ruined anyways and filing bankruptcy is the best thing I ever did and its cheaper than giving these debt settlement companies your money. They did nothing for me and kept wanting more money and thats when I got suspicious. When I went into my attorney office I was shock to see how much stuff they had posted about these debt settlement companies. When they tell you to stop paying your creditors that is a red flag there. Once they get your fees then they are done with you. Go to an attorney in your area and you will feel better and they will help you. Quit paying your debt settlement company. I really learned my lesson….RLonce.

  3. Legal Helpers Debt Resolution or any debt settlement companies are not good at all. I sign up for Legal Helpers and they were not helping me at all. I would not recommend and debt settlement companies to anyone. They dont help you at all and they just take your money and do nothing. I contacted a Lawyer and thats the best way to get out of debt and cheaper. First of all once you get these debt settlement companies your credit is ruined anyways. So file bankruptcy instead and if you are in a debt settlement company now the time to get out before they take more of your money. I been there and they kept giving me a run around and kept wanting more money. I got out before it was way too late and I am happy I did. You can email me any questions that you would like to know. I learned alot about this company and all debt settlement companies and do your homework….I could not get pass the rating unless I gave a star but to me there not worth anything.

  4. I’m in a similar situation; even though it’s frustrating – try to keep emailing & calling to ask for the support documentation you’re looking for.  Good luck!

  5. Linda,

    You can always stop making payments and assume personal responsibility for your debts. The real issue probably concerns the length of time you have been making payments and the amount you have paid. 

    After six months your credit has been completely trashed and after two years you have sent a lot of money. At this point it can be difficult to walk away from the approach you have chosen. If you are concerned that no accounts have been settled even though you have paid enough to settle one or more you can certainly review your credit report or your on line statements with creditors to see if anything is reported as settled. If nothing has been settled after this long period of time and a great deal of money you probably have to accept that this effort has been a failure and join the class action law suits. Do not expect to recover much of your money but you can certainly ask and threaten

    I am sorry you fell into debt settlement. Once you give up on it you may want talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Find a local attorney through your state’s bar association and/or the Better Business Bureau. Do not contact the trolls who will be contacting you and commenting on your situation.

    Good Luck! 


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