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I Traded Trucks Back and Forth With My Father. How Will That Impact My Bankruptcy?

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We have decided to file Chapter 7 because we are not getting anywhere paying off our credit cards and our auto loan is high interest as well and can’t find anyone to refinance it to get relief on monthly payments. My lawyer consultation is on Saturday and I wanted to ask your opinion of something on bankruptcy.

My question is about title transfers. Late last year I let my father pay out the remainder of a auto loan cause I could pay it anymore. As soon as he paid it off I signed the title over to him. In return he traded me a truck he owned, straight up no money exchanged. Then that truck was having problems a few weeks later so once again we traded. I traded him that truck back for an older truck, but they are still very close in value. No money was exchanged just trading and transfer of the titles. Now we have decided to file and I am worried now because I have read that even if the transfer of titles were not intention, the Trustee will still say it is fraud. It honest to God is not so my question is what are the ways of proving that these transfers were not intentional? We need the bankruptcy badly, but are afraid that our case will be dismissed due to this.

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  • This is a legal question and I’m sure your attorney can advise you. Do make sure you fully disclose this situation although I can’t imagine that it will have any impact.

    By the way, your father is very kind.

    Good Luck!

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