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Do These Sexy Chick Pics Help Make Reading About Financial Literacy More Attractive?

Sex sells, I think we can agree on that, so can it also help attract people to learn more about financial literacy and money topics? At least that’s what I wondered years ago. After all, what can make a boring subject the least bit attractive for those that would otherwise almost never venture into a subject they could care less about?

Sure I get the backlash that will come from some about the use of appealing sexy images as maybe a gratuitous attempt to sensationalize the subject but is it really such a crazy idea?

Don’t we see attractive images of men and women every single day in our lives and even heavily strewn among many women focused magazines and media outlets?

The idea might definitely be edgy and again, objectionable to some, but what is more important, maintaining strictly puritan values or finding a way to entice or encourage people to at least be in the right place to read information that can help improve their financial knowledge to be better prepared?

The majority of the population could give a rats ass about financial literacy for a vast number of reasons, all valid to them. But what are the options for reaching that group of people, or at least try to reach them?

Credit card companies use images of sexy men and women in swimwear to sell credit cards so why can’t we use the same approach to attract readers to make an otherwise avoided topic, more enticing.

Financial literacy is not achieved by producing a book, website, or DVD series full of great information. The world is full of crates of that information sitting on loading docks, never distributed. Instead financial literacy can only be delivered and financial awareness achieved if we make the information desirable and attractive to the learner.

Let’s not kid ourselves that the teachable moment occurs because of a hot picture. But let’s not also fool ourselves that someone attracted by the desire to see a sexy image won’t learn something new while on page and want to learn more.

So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to launch the Sexy Financial Literacy Series that will feature pictures of a sexy man and/or woman in each post and let’s see what the traffic is like. No harm in trying it, right?

And for all you haters out there that are going to want to flame me for this, feel free to express your opinion, but at the same time I’d love to hear what other alternatives you feel will attract people to a subject they don’t want to learn.

Can sex sell learning about financial matters and give people a chance to find a teachable moment that otherwise didn’t exist?

Post your comments below.


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  • yFabulousy

    I have to confess I checked the date to see if you published this on April 1.

    • Steve Rhode

      Made you look. :-)

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