It’s Official NationalDebtRelief.com Sends Out the Dumbest Debt Relief Press Release – Ever!

Yesterday I spent the day working on the new consumer credit and debt news portal I’ve been building for readers. You can see a preview of the work in progress, here. I spotted the title of a press release fly by but I will admit it didn’t make me laugh till a reader sent it in and I had to read the whole thing.

Let me paint the picture, if appears that NationalDebtRelief.com spent time and money to put out a press release that appeared on multiple channels with the following title:

NationalDebtRelief.com Updates Website Platform to Thesis Theme to Better Serve Clients

Yep, that’s right. The company actually sent out a press release to let everyone know they changed the template on their WordPress site.

NationalDebtRelief.com is happy to announce that they have just converted the website portal platform to the Thesis theme in order to provide a faster, more responsive website experience for their thousands of visitors seeking help with debt relief.

“In order to respond to the influx of Americans coming to our website for information and support in debt relief strategies, we have just switched our platform over to Thesis theme so that site visitors can more quickly navigate through our information and fill out a quick online application,” said a NationalDebtRelief.com spokesperson. “The Thesis theme also supports our ability to respond to those applications faster and answer questions via our live chat feature.” – Source

If changing the theme on their WordPress site is the most newsworthy item they’ve got going, yikes!

Anyone interested in learning more about the WordPress Thesis theme can watch the video below.

Not to be too snarky, I’m kind of surprised the press release didn’t include the video and a link so others can purchase this theme as well so they can send out their own press release.

What’s next, a press release on a new plugin on their site? Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Official NationalDebtRelief.com Sends Out the Dumbest Debt Relief Press Release – Ever!”

  1. The fact you posted about this (something you don’t consider newsworthy) just shows that this was an obvious attempt to put down/defame a competitor of yours in the hopes of making you look better and possibly gain back a position or to in the search engines.

    What have you achieved? Making yourself look petty, plus you gave them more free publicity. Obviously the release they put out is reaching people and gaining them exposure.

    Which from memory is actually what a press release is for…

    • LOL.

      I totally agree my story was a bit snarky, I gave them some additional exposure, and it was silly release.

      For each person who felt I was harsh, I wonder how many people read the release and thought, is that all they got?

      My intention was not to defame them, just to express how the release made me feel. Since we are not competitors that part doesn’t matter.

      Thanks for your comment.


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