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Newport Mortgage Relief Called Me to Modify My Loan Under HAMP. – John

“Dear Steve,

I received an unsolicited call from Newport Mortgage Relief regarding redoing my home loan under the HAMP program. I’ve read your letters from Jim and Larry. I cannot find any record of the company and as they stated, no address or physical location is stated on any of the documents or website. NMR states they are a loan document preparation company and must collect a docmentation prep fee of $2,995 to proceed with docs. I sent them the initial info, but am very reluctant to pay anyone money up fron for what they think they can do without some assurance from their contact with my lender. My feeling is that they’re not for real!

Do you have any other information on this company or experiences with other readers who have been contacted by Newport Mortgage Relief? Any thoughts on your part will be deeply appreciated.


Dear John,

My initial reaction is it’s bullshit.

Let’s look at the situation at hand. You received an unsolicited call, which appears to be a sales call. The company Newport Mortgage Relief operates mostly below the radar. Additionally hey are requesting an advanced fee for something you can easily explore yourself, for free.

I’m willing to eat my hat on this but I would urge you ask them for proof they are registered to do business in your state, and specifics about their owners and track record. You should ask them to state what their past success rate has been and to put this in writing.

Once you get that information, come back and update me.

Till then here are some good free resources.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • This is the letter I sent to Lindsey at Newport Mortgage Relief when I received my final modification on November 1, 2012. I, 100% stand by this company, they do what they say and they deliver.

    To whom it may concern,

    I just received the final approval documents for the HAMP program on my home mortgage. I will forever be grateful to Lindsey at Newport Mortgage Relief for making this possible. Just six months ago I was certain that I was about to lose my home and now I will be able to stay in it for as long as I wish to. This modification saved me nearly $1300.00 per month on my total mortgage, property tax and insurance payments. I don’t think this would have happened with out Lindsey”s help. She knew exactly what to do as far as the paperwork needed and she was always there when I had some silly question or was just feeling impatient and needed some reassurance.

    Thank you Lindsey for saving my home and changing the course of my life! You’re the greatest!

    D. H.
    Santa Rosa, CA

  • We have personal experience working with this so called company because we worked there.  I can tell you all for a fact that it is a scam so stay far away.  They frequently change their name and phone number due to reviews like these.  Some of the names they have/had gone by are Results for Homeowners, First Choice Document Preparation, Newport Mortgage Relief, First Choice Mitigation, Consumer Advocate Agency, Consumer Referral Agency, and Consumer Referral Group.  We are sure they will change their names because of this posting exposing them. Steer clear of places such as this that say you “qualify for a modification” because chances are you do not.  Just go through your lender!! They will also guarentee you will get your money back if you were to be denied your modification, but you will not and they will avoid all of your phone calls.  We know this as we worked in the “call center” (which is located in the same office by the way) and the case managers told us to ignore the clients when they asked for a refund.  We were also instructed to never give out the company address for “safety reasons”.  The address is 23 Corporate Plaza Suite 260 Newport Beach CA 92660. The owner of this scam is George Parker aka John Perkins.  He frequently changes his name.  His partner is Ashley Lavacot.  Again, we worked there and can tell you from personal experience is a SCAM.  These people are ruthless and preying on innocent homeowners.  If you receive any phone call like this or from a company other than your lender who you trust hang up the phone and do NOT do an application.

  • My mother-in-law was approached by this company over the phone.  I advised her to wait unitl we can verify that it’s a reputable company.  I emailed the contact with the questions you suggested and here are her responses:

    Samantha [email protected] 3:38 PM (1 hour ago)
    to me
    Hi Heidi,
    Here is our business license info below.
    License/Entity # : 201133310166
    Who are the owners? George Parker
    What is your success rate? 98%
    What is the physical address of the business? 23 Corporate Plaza Ste. 260 Newport Beach, CA 92660
    Please provide this information in writing and provide references.  We will need to be able to verify that this is legit prior to proceeding.  There are too many scams out there right now, I’m sure you understand. See attached modification approvals.
    If you have any other questions let me know.
    Thank you!,

    Then she also sent approval letters from GMAC mod, BOFA and PennyMac for other clients, with their names and policy numbers blacked out… Still not confident…

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