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Silverthorne & Lupolover – Consumer Complaint – 8-6-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I was my pleasure speaking with you last week. Here is the information we discussed. With your resources , I’m sure you will be able to research the basic information I’ve provided. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per month are traveling across International Lines when they are not suppose to.

Silverthorn & Lupolover Lawyers LLP
30 Duke Street West, Suite 1001
Kitchener, ON N2H 3W5
226 444 7875

Total Relief Marketing Solutions & Northern Lights Marketing Solutions LLC
2901 West Cypress Creek Road Suite 108
Fort Lauderdale Florida, 33309
Anthony Armstrong
P:561 900 0491

This Law firm markets its services as a Canadian company that specializes in assisting Canadians who need help managing credit card debt and further negotiating the debt with the credit card companies for a 17% fee plus monthly management fees and a retainer.

This service is needed by thousands of Canadians however, this organization is not what it claims to be. The marketing and cold calls are ALL handled out of a South Florida office and company called Total Relief Marketing Solutions. When this company calls Canada on a daily basis. the Manager Anthony Armstrong and his owners instruct the staff to identify themselves as Canadians and to also tell all potential clients that they are calling from the : 30 Duke Street address. Employees are instructed on a daily basis to Google Kitchener, Ontario news and weather to be better informed and able to hold conversations as they are local.

As an investor in a few business’s that are similar, it saddens me to see people affected as I have had a personal friend be affected by this company. Funds are being deposited into banks in Florida then distributed to Canadian partners for disbursement.

This is a direct major violation of Canadian and American debt settlement laws…

They are enrolling over 2 million of debt per month and collecting 17% fees for work they will never do. Clients are complaining about services daily!!!!!

Date This Problem Happened: July 11, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Silverthorne & Lupolover

Company Address:

30 Duke Street
Kitchener, ON

Company Telephone Number: 226-444-7875

Website of Company:

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  • We are one of this company’s thousands of clients and they already collected over $4,000 in our bank account.  Our creditors and collection agency still send us mails, it seems this company is not doing their job, they said we have to enough money save and collected before they can do something.  Now that we get mail from Silverthorne that Cockburn is taking over, it sounds fishy.. i dont know if we can get our money back but we want to stop this now..

  • I recently cancelled my contract with Silverthorne after being with them for four months.  I feel completely scammed by this company and now that I’ve had a chance to focus and do more research, I have to wonder how people, in good conscious, can treat other people – people who are in financial distress with families! – like this.  These are not humans…these are cold blooded sub-humans!  I had couriered a very professional, firm, but kind request for even a partial refund of my money.  I don’t expect so see anything as I just received an email last week stating that another lawyer’s firm acquired Silverthorne & Lupolover with Mark Silverthorne “pursued” other ventures.  How convenient!!  That’s a good way for the snake to leave one rock for another.
    I’m just glad that I put a stop payment on THEM, closed my bank account and got out before I got taken for even more of my hard earned money. 

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