DebtPro123 – Consumer Complaint – 8-7-2012

Consumer Statement:

deptpro123, LLC said they would resolve my credit card debts, said they were a member of the international association of professional debt artitrators.

they took my payments that scanned over a year.

now more than a year later, not all debts are resolved they had me negotiate my own debt, their excuse was that chase would not talk with them (i found out it’s because they have no attorney on staff) and they said they would reimburse me 8 draws on my checking account, they only reimbursed me one and now they won’t return calls or emails. they have my money to reimburse me plus negotiate 2 more accounts,

Consumer Action Taken:

over 50 emails and phone calls, they either give me the run around, or just simply ignore my calls and emails

Date This Problem Happened: August 6, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $29,000

Company Name: DebtPro123

Company Address:

3972 barranca parkway
#J212 or #J
Irvine, california 92606

Company Telephone Number: 877-388-0231

Website of Company: debtpro123.com

Additional Information

bryan taylor, owner: btaylor@debtpro123.com
3972 barranca parkway #j212, irvine, ca 92606 on check says ste. J,
main phone 877 388 0231, , 949 892 3897 cell bryan,
877 846 4742 negotiations dept (vm)
fax, fax 949 271 5729 and 949 271 5721 stacy fax, 949 315 3461, 949 861 9809
bre olson-negotiator, bre2@debtpro123.com – can’t reach any more
Reanne-customer service – useless
warren? Email: warren@debtpro123.com
ryan foland-sales manager (don’t know if still there) 12/1/2010
jeohanna x110 -negotiator – don’t know if there anymore # no good 949 450 9006 x110,
filing a complaint with attorney general, better business bureau, trade assn IAPDA, federal trade commission & consumer financial protection bureau, getoutofdebt.org

8/6/12 filing complaint consumer financial protection bureau
8/6/12 filing complaint federal trade commission
8/6/12 filed complaint better business bureau
8/6/12 filed complaint attorney general office
8/6/12 emailed IAPDA filed complaint asked the int’l assn of prof debt arbitrators if bryan can say he is a member on his current web page if he is not
8/6/12 lm bryan on his cell did not answer, did not return call
8/6/12 called bryan 5 times main # 877 388 0231 lm at vm, no return call, need 7 reimbursements at 151.91 each for chase acct 5370, still hasn’t negotiated citibank 6500 and discover 7000
8/6/12 called hanna law 770 916 9220 x3430 tyrone reed explained debtpro not reimbursing me, 151.91/mo 8 payments, hanna says can’t work w/debt resolution co that doesn’t have an attorney on staff
8/6/12 called bryan 877 300 7149 fast busy
8/6/12 called bryan 949 450 9006 x129 bre changed 877 388 0231 that no one answers
8/6/12 called bryan 949 450 0061 disconnected
8/6/12 called bryan 949 892 3897 cell lm on his cell – call me back re reimbursement check, negotiating citibank and discover. I haven’t taken action yet, but getting ready
8/6/12 called 877 846 4742, negotiations dept – only get vm, lm to call me back, It’s serious
8/6/12 called tim myers 877 300 7149 x114 fast busy, was the one who got me into debptro, he worked there
8/1/12 citibank called told them to call debtpro123 for $6500, have not heard back from citibank, haven’t heard from debtpro
7/31/12 called debtpro spoke Reanne customer svc, who always give me same info, can’t reach accounting, will tell bryan, etc, run around, never calls back
7/31/12 emailed bryan copied what BBB says abount hs co. asked for reimbursement checks, (BBB has an F rating with 31 complaints 3 yrs/21 close last 12 mos
7/22/12 emailed bryan still no reimbursement checks for 6/25 draw and they are going to draw again 7/25
7/19/12 emailed bryan why have you stopped responding to emails?
7/18/12 emailed bryan still no reimbursement check – where are reimbursements?
7/17/12 letter from hanna law notification re draw on 7/24, chase account 5370, no reimbursement check from debtpro123
7/9/12 bryan emailed me out of town
7/6/12 emailed bryan got 1st reimbursement ck for 6/1/12, but not for 6/25, where is reimbursement for 6/25 (I still have not gotten it)
6/15/12 letter from hanna law notification re draws on my checking account (debtpro not reimbursing me)
6/15/12 date of check have copy of only reimbursement check I was sent postmarked 6/15 from santa monica
6/13/12 bryan emailed me said he will put in request for reimbursement
6/13/12 bryan emailed me said he sent letter saying chase 5370 is settled, however, debtpro not paying, I am
6/12/12 email to bryan I never got letter from him re debts resolved on chase acct 1435 and chase 0637, I still don’t have them
6/11/12 emailed bryan sent reimbursement ck for 6/24 draw on chase #5370,
6/11/12 bryan emailed me said he will issue a “credit?” for the 6/24 draw on chase #5370 – never got reimbursement
6/7/12 bre emailed me promising bryan will reimburse me – you can’t reach her or bryan anymore
6/7/12 bryan told bre he will address the other accounts citibank and discover after 911 appointments, says other chase accts settled, but no letters
6/7/12 it has been a YEAR since I paid bryan all for the debt resolution and I’m not a priority
6/6/12 letter from debtpro123 says chase resolved (because I am paying, debtpro to reimburse), they only sent 1 check for 151.91
6/6/12 letter from debtpro123 says chase resolved (because I AM PAYING!, debtpro to reimburse), they only sent 1 check for 151.91, they owe 2 more
6/6/12 bre emailed me yes will reimburse me payment wise. Other accounts wll negotiate when 911 appointments are done – meaning I am not prioriry
6/5/12 email to bryan bryan won’t answer a phone or call back, letting him know I got fred hanna law letter re the draws on my checking account
6/5/12 email to bryan asking when he will work on citibank and discover
6/4/12 letter from hanna law advirory re the 8 draws for 151.91, 2 in june and 1 each, july thru december
5/24/12 bryan emailed me call hanna law to negotiate the chase 5370 account, they won’t talk to debtpro, told me to undo power of atty (the dirty trick has begun)
5/2/12 emailed bryan why is no one calling me back, I have been trying for a year since I paid you everything to get this resolved
5/1/12 emailed Reanne let’s negotiate the last chase account #5370
4/2/12 email from bryan will have bre look into negotiating chase
3/29/12 emailed bryan did last 2 checks go out on the 2 chase accounts you negotiated, why is there no correspondence from you?
1/30/12 bryan emailed me first checks (of 4 each) went out on 2 chase accounts #1435 and #3080
1/27/12 emailed bryan today is 1st day checks are due on 2 chase negotiaions, did you send checks out?
1/18/12 bryan emailed me hang tight
1/18/12 emailed bryan did you get 2 chase accounts I negotiated for you? here’s their settlement letters and payment schedule you had me set up
1/13/12 called another co freedom debt relief, wanted to put me into another payment plan
1/7/11 ryan emailed me in a meeting, gave direct 949 450 9006 x104, not good anymore
1/5/11 emailed ryan foland can’t call you at 877 300 7149, no one answers, asked for ext #, don’t h ave one, you are not responding

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