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How Can Capital One Add Thousands On To An Account Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Sued Me For And Dismissed? – Rich

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2/10/2010 Debt collecting law firm Frederick Hanna and Associates filed a lawsuit against me attempting to collect $4034 which represented a Capital One credit card debt that they charged off.

4/1/2010 I went to court and it resulted in a voluntary dismissal without prejudice from Capitol one/Frederick Hanna and Associates.

My credit report now shows a balance of $6657 owed. I’ve never received anything from either party after the court date.

How can Capitol One continue to rack up an additional $2000+ in what ever this amount represents? If they charged off the debt and Frederick J Hanna voluntary dismissed the lawsuit against me how can they get away with adding more debt and never informing me about it?

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  • The collection agency is continuing to accrue interest on the account and considers the account to be “live.” The collectors would still love to collect or sell the debt. Unless a court orders the debt to be erased it is likely that it will appear on your credit report for the full seven years. And you may have to write to the credit reporting agency to have it removed after seven years since collection agencies aren’t very careful about such things.

    All of this is separate from actual collection efforts. The collectors may have agreed not to pursue typical efforts but unless they also agreed to erase the debt or stop reporting it, they are probably entitled to keep doing what they are doing and may even be required to do so based on reporting requirements with the credit reporting agency. The idea is that other creditors will be able to see such debt and take it into account when doing risk assessment.

    You can always seek legal advice and try to find a way out, but this sounds like normal practice.


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