Lloyd Ward Sued for Malpractice. It Just Keeps Getting Worse and Worse for the Guy.

Texas debt settlement attorney Lloyd Ward seems to take blow after blow after blow. I’m not even sure how many active lawsuits he’s involved with at the moment. He’s got at least two class action suits open, a suit filed against him by the State Bar of Texas, his suit against the BBB, a judgment or two against him, some child support issues, a paternity suit, and fines by at least one state for half a million dollars.

It wasn’t all that long ago, just October of last year when Ward filed suit against my wife and I and appeared to cast the blame for the negative impressions about him on our doorstep. Denial at its finest.

If it wasn’t for the fact Ward seems to be in the news so much, I’m not sure I would have even covered this case filed. You see, for once, it doesn’t involve a debt relief issue.

In this malpractice suit filed by John Skelton, McKamy Development Company, and Skelton Investments against Lloyd Ward, Lloyd Ward PC and Lloyd Ward & Associates the matter appears to involve other business issues. The complaint states that Ward represented the Plaintiffs in litigation in Denton County and Collin County, Texas. Both cases resulted in judgments against the Plaintiffs.

Ward assumed responsibility for the Denton County case, a suit for debt, and promised to appeal the case. Ward is alleged to have failed to “properly calendar the deadline for filing the notice of appeal…resulting in the loss of Plaintiffs’ right to appeal.”

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In the Collin County case Lloyd Ward is said to have failed to “apprise the associate in his law firm, Kyle Harnek, of a Supplement to the Motion for Summary Judgment which had been filed by the bank. The grounds stated in its Supplement were incorrect and could have been controverted, but the lawyer for Lloyd Ward’s law firm appearing at the Summary Judgment hearing had no notice of the Supplement prior to the hearing and therefore did not have time to prepare.” Apparently Ward “also failed to properly and timely appeal the summary judgment on behalf of Plaintiffs.”

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Interestingly, Lloyd Ward took real estate as payment for his services. “A deed by one or more of the Plaintiffs to four lots in Denton County, Texas was given to an entity owned by Defendant Lloyd Ward’s wife [Amanda Ward] as payment on Defendant Law Firm’s attorney’s fees. [According to the named bankruptcy filed the transfer was made to Lloyd E. Ward and Lloyd Ward & Associates] Defendant Ward, admitting his fault for the missed deadline on the Notice of Appeals in Denton County, agreed to return the lots because of a subsequent bankruptcy and receivership, but after reconveying the lots to Plaintiffs, Ward and the other Defendants failed to actively and zealously represent his clients such that adverse rulings were entered in the receivership matter and in the summary judgment matter discussed previously. [Ward and] Defendants failed to read and understand loan documents and to prevent evidence of the actual value of property in the Collin County action resulting in an excessive Judgment against Plaintiffs.” Here is a copy of the Texas court rejection of the Denton County appeal for failing to file the appeal in a timely manner.

Defendants breached their fiduciary duties of loyalty and honesty to Plaintiffs and were negligent in their representation of Plaintiffs.” It sure sounds like a very similar issue the debt settlement services complaints by consumers were about.

If you are interested, you can read the case filed, here.

This case was brough by:

The Perrin Law Firm
325 N. St. Paul Street
Suite 600
Dallas, TX

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