ClearOne Advantage Called Me for an Interview. I’m Scared.

Statement from ClearOne Advantage: “Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Unfortunately, this poster clearly has us confused with another company. Not only do we not have an employee named Ryan, we are not located in Columbia, MD. What has likely occurred is the poster spoke with one of our competitors located in Columbia, Maryland with a similar name. I encourage them to contact the person they spoke with to verify the same and then post a retraction of the original post.” 8-16-2012

“Dear Steve,

I recently got a call from “Ryan” at ClearOne Advantage’s new location in Columbia, Maryland and they said, “They had found my resume on the CareerBuilder site and that the Columbia location was their new location and asked me if I was a leader and if I would think I might be a good leader and might want to work for management one day and that they were hiring administrative and blah, blah, blah.”

Sounded great, but here’s what “erked” me about the call and how they said they “found” it. Usually, most companies won’t call you and say they “found” your resume and then offer you a 10:30AM interview two days later, even if they are looking for immediate hires.

From what I have seen in reviews on here it appears I may be trained to be an “evil” employee that will be told to squander peoples money and put it in my own pocket, not explain to them anything about they have signed, “accidentally” AKA on purpose send the occasional e-mail with someone elses account e-mail out to another client and then be told to deny it and if I don’t do these things I shall be called “weak” and “not a team player” and that this may cause me to lose my job.

I am also and this may not be a “huge” concern, about a company that cannot get their name straight or their acronym. To me that it makes them seem a bit more “fishy”. Also, the number I got for the guy that called me, which he claimed was his “direct” line, wasn’t even a local number. And, if someone found your resume online you would usually expect an e-mail from the company about how they found you, background info, contact info, etcetera because even if they don’t have internet set-up for that location they should still have a main office if they have several branches and that they would send you an e-mail from that company’s main site with the info and everything else…So my questions are…

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Would a legitimate company just do this to you? Is ClearAdvantage One a legitimate company?…Or are they just a scam similar to some MLM scams like Moxy Marketing run by Ashely Martin?

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I am in Maryland and her scam company already tried to hire me, but they sent me an e-mail first, at least two and the ones they sent and this Maryland based branch not sending one and being very similar to their style of interview set-ups two days after calling and using long distance phone numbers and being un-certian about location and giving me semi-faulty directions has me worried that they are a similar scam and if you Steve or any of the other reviewers think so?

What are your thoughts about this company? After I researched the MLM and found out how big of a scam it was I didn’t even waste the bus fare to go to that interview and since the interview for CA is out of county I do not get my disabilty ID discount and so I am really skeptical about paying the $2 fare each way on 8/8/12 and I would like to know if you can help me before then, can you? I am planning on going to this one and see what I think, but more than likely it may appear to be a scam and I am afraid of what they might try and “turn me into” because I am a very ethical and moral person and want to know all of your insight before then if you can please get back to me before then?

If I had an e-mail from them I would show you it to show you my fears about how I feel about them, but sadly I do not know anything about them other than what i got in the two minute meaningless and non-explanitory phone callI mentioned in the part where you asked me about the background info and so I am desperate…please…help me…if you can Steve?”

I’d suggest based on your fear and concerns alone, that you not interview with them. It’s not that I have any knowledge of them being involved in all you alleged, it just sounds like a doomed interview from the beginning if you are having such misgivings.

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Good luck finding a job, but this one doesn’t sound right for you.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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