My Friend Just Found Out Her Repossessed Truck is Being Used as a Farm Truck By Her Dad. – Jen

“Dear Steve,

A friend of mine just found out she has a repossession on her credit on a vehicle that has been used as a farm truck by her dad since she moved out of the state and still to this day. The repossession shows it was 6 years ago. She was not aware of any of this. She moved around alot during that time so maybe any notices were sent to an old address??. We researched the bank the loan was through and it has hundreds of negative reviews for stealing money and holding deposits to charge OD fees, repossessing vehicles that have already been paid for, not posting payments etc… The repossession is coming up on 7 years ago now.

Should she just wait until the 7 years is up and let it go or should she try to contact the bank and dispute it even though she has no records from the pay off now. If she contacts the bank, can it reset the date on her credit report. If she is unable to prove the pay off should she just turn over the vehicle to avoid any other issues. and if she does that will that reset the date of the repossesion?


Dear Jen,

There are a number of factors here that require more information. The best bet would be to tell your friend to consult with a lawyer that is licensed in the state your friend currently lives in. One place to find an attorney experienced in these issues is at

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