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I Have a Debt in Australia I Can’t Pay. I Now Live in the U.S. – Sam

“Dear Steve,

I used to live in Australia as a permanent resident from 2008 to 2009 for almost 20 months, (after 12 month I lost my job and for 8 month looking for a new job), Then I decided to leave country and Currently I have a Bank credit card debt around 11000 $.

I need to know what are my options, I just finished graduate school in US and have no job. I can not afford the payments and I believe I have already paid interest equal to amount of debt ! I have no asset in Australia and have no intention to come back. Is there any way to settle this debt? I know for bankruptcy I should be in Australia which is not an option for me. Can collection agencies follow me out of Australia? Can you help me about this problem? Thanks.


Dear Sam,

In a perfect world you would find a way to deal with the debt rather than just leave it open. But the reality is that it is unlikely the company will chase you here in the U.S. However, technology is always changing and making things like this easier.

If you had cash on hand to settle this debt you could contact the creditor yourself and make a one-time payment or if you wanted to be insulated from the creditor and not let them know where you are, then hire a lawyer in Australia to contact the company on your behalf.

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