My Mum Took Credit Cards Out in My Name When I Was in Prison in the UK. – Bridget

“Dear Jon,

I come from a difficult background and my mum is the person who took various cards out in my name, while i was in prison! She says it’s because she was struggling with her five year old son and was struggling to make her way up to see me on prison visits etc! Which I don’t find good enough! But it was a traumatic experience for both of us! She suffererd a break down and PTSD because of this also! Is that an excuse? Will she be convicted because of this?! I hope not.. I couldn’t deal with that now! The cards are four in total and are under a grand each! When I first came out of prison and saw the letters arriving in my name through the post I was confused and angry and felt responsible somehow after all they were in my name! And I hadn’t a clue about all of that stuff just come out of prison having done 3/years! I was so worried at one point I decided to pay off one of the cards! Out of my benefit money! I have rang one of the company’s about this matter and they told me to seek legal advice? Or should I just proceed? I’m scared of the consequences! But I’m in UNi going back for my second year in September.. I want a future despite my criminal conviction!! Never mind the debt! What do I do? And how do you think the situation will be de

My question is how will the situation be dealt with? Will my name be cleared? Will she go prison or just have to pay back etc? Do we have a strong case about the situation that lead to this prison the break down etc?! Please let me know…



While I can understand your concerns your situation really is more of a legal matter, in addition to a financial one.

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Since the cards are in your name, technically for now they are in your name, you are responsible for the debt(s). You could advise each card issuer of what has occurred and they may have a fraud unit to deal with it, but again, it is a legal matter and as such you may wish to speak to a solicitor or even the police to get advice.

I understand the difficulty in deciding what to do, but in the long run you may need to protect yourself as the credit card companies may begin legal action against you in the form of looking to obtain a CCJ, bailiffs, etc. As you can see it can get ugly.

As for what may happen to your Mum, I cannot say as it would be up to the courts and there can be many factors involved.

Get some legal advice and let me know how you get on.



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