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I Moved and My New Electric and Gas Companies Found an Old Utility Bill From 17 Years Ago. – Adam

“Dear Steve,

I recently moved to an area where I had to change utility companies. When I set up my utility services for my new address I was notified that I had a high balance with both the electric and gas companies from a previous address I lived at 17 years ago.

What is the statute of limitations for old utility debts in the state of Kansas?


Dear Adam,

It’s not clear if the issue is the new electric and gas companies are attempting to collect the money from you or that there is simply a database entry exists that 17 years ago you had a high balance. Does high balance mean an unpaid debt?

Also it is important to know who is reporting this information. It might just be that it is being reported by a company that exchanges past histories between utility companies to try and identify problematic new customers.

What is the new utility company asking of you as a result of this information?

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  • That really sucks, I moved and found that my power company had a huge outstanding balance for me. I will never do equal pay again.

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