Cockburn & Associate Said to Have Purchased Silverthorn & Lupolover Debt Settlement Clients and Practice

A commenter offered the following information regarding an email they recently received as a Silverthorn & Lupolover debt settlement client:

“The Law Office of Cockburn & Associate, LLP is pleased to announce the acquisition of Silverthorn & Lupolover Lawyers, LLP. This comes as Mark Silverthorn explores alternate avenues within the practice of law.

Shelia A. Cockburn, a protégé of Mark Silverthorn, has over 8 years of legal experience in the areas of debt collections, business transactions and intellectual property. Ms. Cockburn transitioned to law from an engineering background with over 7 years of management and mechanical engineering experience in quality compliance, training and customer assurance.

She holds a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, a J.D. from Fordham Law School and an L.L.M from FordhamLaw School. Ms. Cockburn is a Certified Debt Specialist registered with the IAPDA and is registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Originally from Montreal, Ms. Cockburn is licensed to practice law in the US. and Canada.

The Law Office of Cockburn & Associate, LLP is located at 7111 Syntex Drive, 3rd Floor, Mississauga, ON L5N 8C3 and the phone number is416-477-2420. The website is www.clegal.ca

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All clients previously enrolled with Silverthorn & Lupolover Laywers, LLP will be serviced by The Law Office of Cockburn & Associate and the terms and conditions of their agreements upheld.

An updated Welcome Package will be sent to all clients including a revised Authorization Form that requires attestation and important information regarding the debt settlement process.

Payments processed from September 4, 2012 through September 30, 2012 will list either “Silverthorn & Lupolover” or “Cockburn & Associate” on the PAD. Please be advised that if your PAD is returned a client service specialist will contact you to reschedule.

In order to provide a seamless transition, the client services department will continue to service you as members of The Law Office of Cockburn & Associate, LLP. The department personnel, phone numbers and extensions, email addresses and fax numbers remain unchanged. We appreciate your cooperation as we work through this transition.”

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The same commenter noted, “So, I received an email advising me that Silverthorn & Lupolover has been taken over by Cockburn & Associates. I went to the Cockburn & Associates website and … isn’t this interesting? What did they do? Just revamp Silverthorn’s website? “Privacy PolicyThis version in effect since July 1, 2011. Silverthorn & Lupolover, Lawyers, LLP.”

I think they probably did just that when they bought the practice.

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3 thoughts on “Cockburn & Associate Said to Have Purchased Silverthorn & Lupolover Debt Settlement Clients and Practice”

  1. This is a letter of praise for the getoutofdebt program, with Cockburn and Associates at the helm.

    Over a year ago, finally able to admit our credit card debt had spiraled out of control for reasons I won’t go into here, I began to goggle different debt settlement companies. I did a bit of research., and finally took a step of faith, after throwing some prayers heavenward, that I would find a company who could settle my husband and my unsecured debt. At 58 years of age, I realized if we didn’t get out of this bad debt there would be nothing to retire on. So I came across Silverthorn and Lupolover Lawyers LLP(later to be sold to Cockburn and Associates). I send an email, they quickly responded, we did the paperwork, got approved, and began what I thought would be a 4 year journey to settle 2 very large accounts.

    I was scared and unsure, but I understood how the program would work, that, in our case, nearly 700.00 dollars would go into a trust account on the same day each month, and the first few months would go entirely to lawyer fees, after that the fund would begin to build, until our debt could be negotiated for a settlement. Matthew, my worker, was there to reassure me, for the doubts would come, and the thought that maybe we were being scammed. But I would call the law office and chat with one of the people and regain the confidence I needed to move forward. When the phone calls came from our creditors, I just followed the instructions of the law office, for they told me how it worked, and that sometimes the phone calls would be almost unbearable, but that I did not have to talk to the creditor. This went against what I would normally do, but I let my lawyers advise & lead me…and I don’t think you’ll believe me, but I was able to put some extra money into my trust account allowing the negotiation for a settlement on an account with a balance of $38,800. So as of Nov. 30th, Mastercard settled for 7,500 dollars!! Doubt no more, and fear no more….I have the letter from my creditor in my hand that says we are not obligated to pay the rest. I am so very grateful to Matthew and the rest of the team at Cockburn and Associates for helping us find out way out of debt.
    There is still another account of 21,000 to settle and it is a Visa account. I intend on taking this journey and allowing The Law office of Cockburn and Assoc. advise and lead me through. I will cooperate with them and listen to their advise, cause I know they will help us get through and settle our credit card debt once and for all.!!!


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