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I Went to School to be a Manicurist and Owe Money for That. – Lisa

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I went to school to be a manicurist ,and I owe 2500 I wanna know can that get written off ,or the plan doesn’t pertain to me….if it does who and how do I contact them….thank you

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  • Lisa

    You didn’t indicate whether you a manacurist or not. If you are in the field of a manacurist then it is your responsablity to pay for the loan that you got that you paid to learn that trade. Unfortuneatly, even if you paid the 2500 to be a manacurist, you still may be responsible for some of the loan, you’ll have to work it out with the loan company 

  • Lisa,

    About the only ways to get student loans forgiven are to prove that the school closed or used fraud to enroll you. If you enrolled in a real school and knew what you were doing when you borrowed the money, there is probably no way to get out of the debt.

    I suggest you contact your servicer and make sure you understand your repayment options. If you ignore the debt, it will increase with fees and interest until you owe even more and then you will see your tax refund checks taken towards payment. There are only a dozen servicers of federal loans and you can find their contact information at .

    Good Luck!  

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