Have You Heard of BlackRock Professional Corporation? – Rick

“Dear Steve,

I made it through modification but have high credit card debt I want to know if anyone know a good debt settlement company of if you or anyone have heard about

Have you heard of BlackRock Professional Corporation San Diego they have some good reviews on line but I don’t want to get scammed.. I have high credit card debt because I had lost my job now I just want to settle them so I can go on with my life .. I make a decent living and barely get by and only can pay the minimum payments .. do you know about this company? Thank you so much


Dear Rick,

I don’t think I’d heard of BlackRock Professional Corporation before. I did take a look at their website.

There were a couple of quick things that jumped out to me and merit you doing more research before making any decision.

For example, I noticed that their domain name appears to be blackrocklaw.com but they don’t appear to be a law firm or lawyers.

According to domain records the domain name BlackRockLaw.com is owned by:

8880 Rio San Diego Drive
Rio Vista Tower, 8th Floor
San Diego, California 92108

The domain name was just registered on April 30, 2012.

A search of public records with the California Secretary of State could not locate any company registered to business under the name BlackRock Professional Corporation. – Source

On the about us page, the company does not even appear to they are lawyers. What they do say is:

BlackRock Professional Corporation is committed to remaining one of the largest providers of Consumer and Business Debt related Legal Services in the nation by:

  • Providing world-class customer service and support;
  • Leveraging its size, experience and proven track record to ensure our Clients achieve the greatest savings possible for each and every debt enrolled;
  • Providing solid financial guidance, education, innovative tools and resources to each and every Client;
  • Paving the roadway to debt free and stress free living for each and every Client; and,
  • Constantly seeking new ways to improve our firm and our services, which includes investing in the latest and greatest technology, the best people, and most effective processes. – Source

The site does not appear to have any statements or language on it saying it is attorney advertising or identifying any specific attorney as is custom in California.

The address given by the company appears to be a virtual business address from Premier Business Centers. – Source

I’m not going to spend more time on this but here are some things you can do.

I urge you to follow my two guides to evaluate your choice of any company.

You can look at the related articles section of this post to see what has been written about them in the past. The comments on any relevant post may be enlightening as well.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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1 thought on “Have You Heard of BlackRock Professional Corporation? – Rick”

  1. I signed up a month ago and paid my first installment.
    Each time a had questions I kept being sent voice mail.
    after a week and half of this I pulled the plug and stopped payment today.
    So far to date after numerous voice mails I have not recieved a phone call.


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