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1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 9-12-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I was contacted by: 1st United Consultants claiming that I had been prequalified for a mortgage modification and that I could do this through them and there would be no fees involved with the process.
Has nothing to do with Soveriegn Bank

Consumer Action Taken:

Told them I was not interested

Date This Problem Happened: September 12, 2012

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: 1st United Consultants

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 855-486-4831

Website of Company:

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  • They are NOT Scammers! Their Programs WORK! I was contacted by first united consultants and told I was per-approved for an expense reduction. When I inquired what it was for the women on the phone said it could be for any personal debt, secured and unsecured. It has been over six months since I was contacted and I am happy to say THEIR PROGRAMS WORK! I got a modification on my home for under 3% for the life of the loan! I had over $15,000 in credit card debt which was almost wiped out completely. I paid $785 a month for 5 months! that’s $3,925 total, including the new modification! I am now closer to being debt free and financially sound since I started my program 6 months back. If your having hardship.. talk to them. They really do care, They really do help.


    A Satisfied Client! 

      • I was skeptical about working with 1st United after reading get out of debt guy but at the time i had already paid the first month and.. they told me that the program would only work if i completed it and so i decided to trust as i was already at my wits end and went through the completion of the program. They didn’t scam me… they didn’t take my money and run with it. i did in fact get a modification with a 2.75% interest rate for the LIFE OF THE LOAN and they consolidated my credit cards eliminating $10,000 out of my $15,000 debt. I am grateful that they called me and i trusted in them despite this website. I’m sorry if their programs haven’t worked for others, but i definitely can say i am in a better place thanks to them! they must be doing something right…sorry steve rhode

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