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American Express Didn’t Show Up for the Court Date. What Now? – Kate

“Dear Steve,

American Express is suing my friend that had a lot of medical problems and couldn’t pay his bills. He sent them a letter explaining this and got the court date changed. On the day of the court date, my friend slept through the court date but was notified that American Express didn’t show up either and they haven’t contacted him since.

What does it mean if American Express doesn’t show up to the court date if they are the ones suing?


Dear Kate,

I’m not sure if the court dismissed the suit or just rescheduled it.

You’d have to really check with the court to find out what the status is. It does not appear there would be anything preventing them from refiling the lawsuit if that’s what American Express would want to do.

Does your friend have other debts as well? What is their overall situation?

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