Who Can I Talk to at Bank of America to Buy a Defaulted Mortgage From? – Joseph

“Dear Steve,

We have purchased a second note on a vacant house at courthouse steps auction by mistake, Bank of America has the First non performing (almost two year) Note. This house has been posted for foreclosure by bank of America several time, however they repeatedly pulling it back. I have been trying for over a year to find the right person to talk with and buy the first note.

Is there is any chance that you can help me find or direct me to the right person? I would greatly appreciated. I have talked to the existing barrower who does not want to have anything to the with the house or the note, so she is not cooperating for any amount that I have offered her.

Thanks and Have a Fabulous Day!


Dear Joseph,


Has the house been listed for sale? If so, going through the realtor might be the easiest way to go. You might want to see if the home is already listed as a real estate owned property by Bank of America, click here.

But without Bank of America going through with the foreclosure, they don’t have title to the property yet. You’d have to deal with the current owner.

So it seems the current owner wants no part of it and Bank of America doesn’t own the property yet because they have not foreclosed. Your other option is to wait for the home to foreclose and buy it then.

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