Elite Planning Group – Consumer Complaint – 9-23-2012

Consumer Statement:

Elite Planning Group did not reduce my interest rates on my credit cards or personal loans.They did not even call my bank instead they told me to look for zero APR and zero balance transfers and to call them when I found a offer. The only thing my advisor,Gary Hernandez, did was call the bank something I could do myself for free. I was promised a savings of $2,500 which I did not get and when I complained about the service and asked for a refund they refused. I was so mad that I demanded a refund and was going to call the BBB and Attorney General. A supervisor named Amy said she was going to give me a refund as long as I took no action. It would take 60 days meaning 7/15/12. I paid a one time fee of $798.95 for this bogus debt reduction service 4/12/11 and signed papers 5/25/11. Elite has refused to send documentation of my $2,500 and also refused service of any type because I asked for a refund. Basically they lied about the service and savin gs and just took my money and is refusing to refund.

Consumer Action Taken:

On 7/15/12 I called back as instructed and checked with my credit company. Elite did not refund the $798.95. They told me they could do nothing but send a message to the billing department and to call back in another month. On 8/17/12 I called asking about my refund. I was told to wait 2 days and call back on 8/19/12 and that he,Christopher Brady,would notify the billing department of my complaint. I called on the 19th and again talked to Christopher Brady and I was told again to wait another month and that there was nothing he could. I also talked to a supervisor named Gena Thompson twice near the end of August. On 9/17/12 I called demanding my refund or service. I asked to speak to my advisor but I was told that he could do nothing for me. I told them I had contacted several agencies and my lawyer as well as many scam websites telling about their scam. I was just told they noted everything I said and to call back on the 19th. All they could do was again notify the billing department and when I called back on the 19th they replied with the usual you will have to wait another month. I demanded to speak with the billing department but they refused. I was told I could write a letter or fax to this so called billing department. All I get is the run around with no hope of getting my money back. I’ll call or fax every day if I have to I do not understand how Elite can scam people out of their money and provide no service

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Date This Problem Happened: May 15, 2012

State You Live in: Michigan

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $798

Company Name: Elite Planning Group

Company Address:

315 W Elliot Rd #107-166
Tempe, Arizona 85284

Company Telephone Number: 888-355-2702

Website of Company: theeliteplanninggroup.com

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