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I Used a Bankruptcy Filing Service Instead of an Attorney and Now I’ve Got Problems. – Alicia

“Dear Steve,

I am in need of advice. I filed for individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy and my husband didn’t file at all. I am not on our mortgage loan, but the bank is saying that because I used our mailing address which our house address they had to include the property in the bankruptcy. So now to make payments my husband has to call a bankruptcy line that the bank has to make a payment over the phone or mail in a payment. We don’t get statements anymore on the account. Why is this possible? I used a bankruptcy filing company to help me file Chapter 7, I did not have money to pay an attorney to process my file. I did not know that doing this would affect my husband’s credit! Please advise me on what we would need to do if there is anything to correct this situation. We have always been current on our mortgage and don’t want to loose our house. Thank you, Alicia


Dear Alicia,

That doesn’t sound correct if you were not on the mortgage at all. If you are listed on the deed to the property I can see how the house might need to be listed as an asset but that would not impact the loan.

You really need to talk to a local bankruptcy attorney that is licensed in your state to get this fixed. It doesn’t sound correct at all.

I hate to say it but this is what can happen when you cut corners by not using a bankruptcy attorney in the first place.

I wonder if the bankruptcy filing service listed the mortgage on your filing by mistake?

You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney.

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  •  Yes, my name is on the deed of our house! My husband called the bank and reaffirmed the mortgage. I just couldn’t afford an attorney lawyer because my hours had been cut and my husband is not working, but going to school for his masters. Thank you for the advice!


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