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The UFAN / Jamie Edwards Quadra – Consumer Complaint – 9-28-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

The UFAN – United Foreclosure Ayttorney Network – is going out of business but has failed to notify their clients. The cases in progress are being mis-handled at the client’s expense….oh yeah, the $1000 a month charge is still automatically being deducted from the client’s checking accounts but Kristin Krone, ex-managing partner, is shutting down the practice regardless.

Consumer Action Taken:

Tried to get Kristin Krone to manage the cases and attorneys she’d sold to desperate homeowners but was told “Sorry! I’m closing the firm.”

Date This Problem Happened: September 28, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6,500

Company Name: The UFAN / Jamie Edwards Quadra / The United Foreclosure Attorney Network

Company Address:

1409 Stone Ridge Road
Roseville, CA

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • I am a homeowner that’s been screwed by World Savings/Wachovia to Wells Fargo. When we signed ,I read each page carefully and asked so many questions, my spouse even said I was ‘over-doing’ it. Later, the broker mailed our loan docs. Fast forward, our payments began to double meanwhile our principal increased. We discovered the conventional loan had been switched – he’d just attached our signed page to a predatory neg am loan. I took a loan auditing class and learned just how bad it was and then noticed our signatures were forged on all the origination docs. Bank says too bad. It caused my husband to have a stroke which nearly killed him after a 4 day coma. About 3 weeks ago, I spoke to Jaimie at UFAN. She seemed anxious to take our case. I just can’t believe she’s such a monster that she’d lie about this. I don’t know who posted this but it doesn’t seem true as they sure seemed like they were still operating to me.  

    • It is true – Kristin Krone (who owns the UFAN) confirms it above “UFAN has made the decision to make considerable cuts and downsize”. And think about it…every lawyer is anxious to take your money, I mean case. Jamie will take your case and your money but that doesn’t mean you’ll get quality representation

    • Very concerned,

      I am saddened to learn that you believe I’d lie about something like that. If you go here: you can see the pictures taken after my stroke. I apologize if my interest in helping you came across poorly. I truly hope you found the help you sought,

      Jamie Quadra

  • Kristin,

    You are correct that you cannot properly defend yourself on this blog.  The purported complaint could be bogus.  May consumer complaints are bogus.  We are aware of many employees at various companies that submit complaints to this site to hurt the competition.  Steve does not verify the complaint like the BBB does not that their process is much better. 

    The best you can do is work with anyone who emails or calls you directly.  Keep up the good work and try not to get caught up in the crap on this site. 

    Steve recently settled a lawsuit for defamation with Lloyd Ward and Co.  Your a lawyer take steve to court for defamation.  He’ll pay you to go away.  Its in his best interest.

    Anonymous – Colleague

      • Recorrection to your correction.  A dismissal could have been asked for by both parties after agreement to something.  Let’s not split hairs here.

        • You are welcome to check online records yourself. Can’t believe you think I’ve been splitting hairs. Let’s try this again then. There was no agreement, no money, no payment, no settlement. The court ruled the case should be dismissed and the judge dismissed it.

      • Maybe there are a few bogus complaints here and there but Steve can’t control that but does give people the opportunity to defend themselves and present their side and people can make their own choices. But consumers really need this site and it’s a valuable resource because they are the underdogs so I hope that when kiddie porn and other vile crap is defended by the first ammendment, that this site should never be sued because one bad apple comes along. If your firm does good work, have some of your satisfied clients post something and in order to make it credible so people don’t think it’s just an employee or friend, ask them to allow themselves to be contacted or provide transparency like a filed lawsuit number so people can verify it. Prove this is wrong and you will have more clients then you know what to do with…homeowners are desperate for a credible situation and it’s nearly impossible to find.   

  • I cannot disclose confidential and priviledge information online to properly defend myself from some of the above comments, but what I can say is this:

    UFAN has made the decision to make considerable cuts and downsize.  This is not a result of issues with the State Bar.  I continue to have a clean record with the bar which you can check for yourself at 

    UFAN continues to run client payments because UFAN is still working on those cases.  UFAN is not running anything outside of the terms agreed by the client in his/her fee agreement. 

    UFAN was not a spin off of Kramer & Kaslow, but UFAN did take on many clients who were disatisfied with Kaslow & Kramer.  I have never met Phil Kramer and UFAN has never been connected with that organization in any way.

    I actually prefer bar complaints to blog posts.  When a bar complaint is filed, I am given the opportunity to provide and and all client information necessary to defend myself.  On an online forum with anonymous or semi-anonymous posts, I am no afforded that opportunity.  This seems vastly unfair to me. 

    Anyone who would like to get in touch with someone in control at UFAN can always contact me directly by email at [email protected].  I am usually very speedy with my replies.  And, if the complaint has merit, I take action to correct the issue as quickly as possible.

    • I appreciate your comments and your suggestions.  Steve, however, is not the one with whom I am upset.  I encourage free speech.  It would just be nice if people realized that words can be very damaging and, specifically in this line of work, a proper defense cannot be made online. 

    • Kristin, what say you about your association with Brandon Hintz who was previously issued a Desist and Refrain by the California Department of Real Estate yet (clearly) continued to engage in Real Estate practices albeit through your company as a shell game?

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