I’m Terrified About How to Deal With My UK Debt. – Kimberley

“Dear Jon,

so when i turned 18 6 years ago i decided i was gonna get out catalogues, phone contracts, an overdraft and bought a computer on credit. i was working at the time anf so i could afford it and loved the fact i was buying things on credit.

So i got all of these things on credit and basically i was living inbetween my bfs and my mums. I then split up with my bf and lost my job and couldnt afford my bills. i soon after moved away and left my debt and i still owe this debt to this day. I am terrified about how much i actually owe and i want to start repaying it to move forward but i just dont know how. could you give me any advice?
would be greatly appreciated



Have you been contacted by any of the companies you owe recently? If not, how long ago were you contacted?

Do you have a rough idea of how much you may owe?

Are you in a position now to begin making payments, working, etc? How much do you think you could afford?

Sorry for all the questions, but it does help in finding a solution for you.

You could get a copy of your credit history as a start to see who you may owe, but not all creditors or catalogues may report the account.

The issue is you may not want to be in contact with who you owe unless you are prepared to begin making payments.

Another thing to keep in mind, is if you have had no contact from a creditor for over six (6) years, the debt could be statute barred, or no longer owed. The real issue here is if the creditor(s) tried to contact you but had no current details for you.

Get back to me and we can look at this a bit more.



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