DeVry Called Me and Told Me I Could Qualify for Student Loans. – Maria

“Dear Steve,

less than a yr ago i ask for online school information…devry called and offer me financial aid together with my career… they told me since i wasn’t with my parents no more that i could qualify for students loan…i started taking classes one by one…than on my first classes my grades drop because wasn’t doing my homework i left my parents house wasn’t working and didn’t have a computer anymore do i did what i could…than that class was over i called and told them i wasn’t going to be able to take classes for the same reasons they say they would place me on hold until i would call and get my classes back..well they didn’t the class started automatically and i wasn’t able to do my work..than they started sending me bills saying that i own..I’m not taking no more classes with them but would like to know what can i do..now just had a baby and would like to finish my career as a teacher…will a school accept me if i own money to another university? or what can i do?


Dear Maria,

Another school will accept you but don’t count on any classes you took at DeVry, transferring. DeVry will also continue to pursue you for the balance they claim you owe. If the balance is on a student loan they will not have many, if any, options to repayment the balance other than what they share with you.

I would suggest you call DeVry and work out a suitable repayment plan based on what you can afford and they will agree to accept.

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