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“Dear Jon,

I need some information’s because i’m very worried about this situation .

I left Dubai in 2006 and had credit card debit . Since 6 years didn’t head any news. Until 8 days ago. Some office from Dubai contact my employer ask for my email cause i was in big trouble. Under panic i did contact the person in Dubai . He has told me he was mandated by Dubai Banks because i had debit for 27,000 $ including all the fees . Anyway very big amount .He has mentioned my case will got police case if i refused to find an agreement .

My case will go to interpole and will get travel ban . Meaning what’s ever country i will try to enter i will be arrest .

Right now im staying in Asia and will travel sometimes .

Do you think i will be listed under interpol and can arrested if i travel out of the
GCC country …

PS : sorry my english written in not the best but hope you understand my case ..

Thanks in advance and hope will feel more relax after your reply …



I can understand your concerns, and hopefully I can shed some light on matters for you.

What country are you residing in currently?

Can you afford to repay the debt or make payments?

Can a family member assist you?

How much was the original amount of debt?

To my knowledge traveling outside the GCC should be fine, but as with all legal matters, you may want to seek legal advice.

You can contact the local police in Dubai to confirm there has been a warrant issued. If so, then traveling back to Dubai would not be wise.

As for Interpol being contacted and involved, to my knowledge this doesn’t occur, and stopping people for debt issues, warrant issued or not, is petty compared to the larger organised crime issues they face.

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Speak to a solicitor or lawyer for legal advice on this as well.



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