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MyPayDayRelief – Consumer Complaint – 10-13-2012

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

As of this date this company (“MyPayDayRelief”) has taken $1,167.43 from my savings and not one cent has gone to pay payday lenders as the original agreement stated.

It appears that “set up fees” continue to be paid and nothing has gone to payday lenders. Please see the questions which I have asked and received a vague response.

Additionally, these lenders continue to harass me about the amounts owed. I need help from the FCC immediately so that a resolution can be made to pay these lenders immediately.

Thanks sincerely, PauMari

“MyPayDayRelief” located at
3rd Floor, Forex Bldg
1963 San Macellino
CorQuinno Avenue
Malate Manila Phillipines 1004
JBrown, Account Representative

Consumer Action Taken:

Recent emails sent to JBrown requesting an explanation as to why companies have not been paid.

#1So far your company has withdrawn over $1,000.00 from my savings and not one cent has been paid to payday lenders, when will lenders receive funds for the payday loans I received? Also, your company stated that there would be a one time set up fee and it appears that this fee is never ending. Why is this fee continuing to be paid from my savings account? Once again, please clearly state what it is that “MyPayDay Relief” is doing to reduce these payday loans on my behalf?

#2“Your statement does not answer my questions.

Thanks for answers on the more than $1,000.00 already paid to your company over the past three months…HELP me please with these answers.”

#3Why are these fees so high and why am I paying for such high fees on an account which I only owed $146.55 to (PayDayMax,Ltd)?

#4 Ms. Brown,

Since your organization nor you have answered questions about the more than $1,200.00 dollars you have taken from from my savings, I have contacted the FCC and requested and inveatigation about the funds for paying back payday creditors. Thanks sincerely for your immediate response to this issue. The predators continue to harrass me and it was my belief that your organization could help me. Thanks sincerely for a return response ASAP

READ Contacted Me to Help But I'm Gun Shy. - John

Date This Problem Happened: October 9, 2012

State You Live in: New Mexico


Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,167.43

Company Name: MyPayDayRelief

Company Address:

1963 San Macellino 3rd Floor,
Forex Bldg
CorQuinno Avenue
Malate Manila , Phillipines 1004

Company Telephone Number: 877-528-1111

Website of Company:

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