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“Dear Steve,

A bank account and a credit card debt that have been charged off.

I had a checking account and a Credit line from Bank of America that have both been charged off (The bank account charged off a few months ago and the Credit almost a month ago). They the debt isn’t very much but now that they have both been charged off I don’t know what to do to pay them off. I don’t know if I call the bank or someone else. I’m barely turning 20 years old and I want to fix this so it won’t affect my credit anymore. I really want to get back on my feet.

Thank you!


Dear Nicholas,

It’s admirable that you want to fix this situation now. Hopefully your financial situation has changed and you can now afford to make regular and continued monthly payments to clear up these debts. The best place to look for information about where these accounts are now is going to be your credit report. The information below should do the trick for you.

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